Meet Simple

Simple is the whole idea of banking re-made with beautiful design, built-in tools for budgeting and saving, and genuine human goodness. Know what you can really afford and save more than ever before.

Getting started with Simple.

You get a beautiful Simple Visa® Card, no fees, and powerful budgeting and savings tools built right into your account. All accessible via web, iPhone, and Android.

Activate Your Card
Once your card arrives, activate it right from the app.

Deposit Money
Link your old account and move funds in for free.

Set Your Goals
Set Goals for bills, for budgets, or for dreams.

Spend with Confidence
Always know what’s Safe-to-Spend®.

Know how much you can spend

You shouldn’t have to get out a calculator just to figure out if you can afford a new pair of shoes or a nice dinner out. Safe-to-Spend® gives you a more accurate picture of what you can really spend today without hurting yourself tomorrow.

Always know what’s Safe-to-Spend®.

At most banks, “Current Balance” shows you how much is in your account, but then you have to mentally deduct your rent, groceries, and the gift you have to buy for your cousin’s wedding.

Safe-to-Spend® does all the math for you. It takes your balance and subtracts upcoming bill payments, pending transactions, and any Goals you’re saving for.

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Make big things happen a little each day.

Goals set aside a little money every day for whatever you’re saving for, big or small, automatically. Stop, start, or change your mind any time.

Save money every day. Automatically.

Goals helps you balance regular monthly expenses, lifelong dreams, and everything in between.

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309.40 saved of 1,000.00

Save over time  — We put money aside every day, and subtract that from your Safe-to-Spend. When you're saving every day, you'll be amazed how fast you reach your Goals.

Summer Fun Budget

Save it now  — Want to make sure you only spend a certain amount on restaurants this month? Put it aside in a Goal, and slowly draw from those funds whenever you go out to eat.

The only branch you need is always with you.

We’ve re-thought all the features you’d want from a bank and made them smarter, less complicated, and available whenever you need them.

Banking basics come standard.

All your finances, in your pocket or on the web, whenever you need it. Get cash at 50,000 free ATMs. Analyze your spending with Reports. Deposit checks quickly via the app.

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A bank account as unique as you.

Whenever you use your card, it transmits a whole bunch of information about that transaction, including location, time, tip, the type of merchant, and more. Simple can help you use that data to learn how you spend (and how to spend smarter). And it all happens instantly.

Make your bank account yours.

Remember more about each purchase. Tell a story, jot down a phone number, rate your dinner, or just snap a picture of your friends’ smiling faces. Interactive Reports help you track your spending over time. Break down your spending by category and merchant. Use what you learn to make yourself a smarter spender, and track changes to your spending habits over time.

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Security is fundamental to Simple.

It’s a topic we’re particularly passionate about. You shouldn’t have to worry about security: we’ve got your back.

Advanced security puts you at ease.

Your funds are FDIC-insured up to $250,000 through our partner bank, The Bancorp Bank, Member FDIC.

If your card is ever lost or stolen, you can block it right from your desktop or mobile device.

Additional Features

A lot goes into making a beautiful banking experience that also helps you build confidence with your money.

Direct Deposit
The fastest, easiest way to get your paycheck in your account.

Over 50,000 fee free ATMs: the most in the country. Find the closest one with our iPhone and Android apps.

Simple Instant
Moving money between Simple customers is easy and free!

Mail a Check
Need a paper check? We’ll print it, address it, and send it for free.

Real Human Support
Customer service isn’t an afterthought, it’s at the core of everything we do. Call or chat anytime.

Reports show you exactly where your money is going, so you can adjust your spending accordingly.

No Fees
We don’t charge confusing, unfair fees. In fact, we don’t charge any fees at all.

Push Notifications
Get push notifications for every transaction. They also notify you when a deposit arrives.

Be proud of your bank.

Simple was started out of frustration with banks. We’re positive, passionate people who are serious about creating an experience for our customers that’s unlike any other personal finance product you’ve ever used. We hope it shows.