A little a day goes a long way

Exploring Europe had been a lifelong dream of Johnny’s. So he came up with a plan to save, so he could spend freely and confidently once he landed.
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With plans to travel through Prague, Paris, and Iceland, alongside 15 of his closest friends, Johnny knew the trip wasn’t going to be cheap. He also knew he wanted to explore and experience Europe without worrying about the nickels and dimes he was going to be spending.

So he put a plan in place soon after finding out he’d actually be making the trip. And he saved $3,000… slowly, but surely.

“Simple did it for me. Seriously. The app is the reason I got to go on the trip. I literally didn’t have to do anything,” said Johnny.

How’d he do it? We’ll share his secrets.

He started small

Working for the state, he was paid once a month, which in the past, had made budgeting difficult. He started his first Goal, and saved just a small amount each day. He was in it for the long haul, and he knew a small sum each day would eventually turn into something much bigger.

He stuck to his plan

While tempted a few times, he didn’t use the money he’d been saving for Europe on things like rent, groceries, or going out with friends. He stayed dedicated to keeping the money for what it was meant for. The only time he tapped into the fund was when he booked his flights, and paid his share of the accommodations.

He treated it like it wasn’t there

With the money put aside each day for him, Johnny acted like it just wasn’t there. He’d check in every now and again on the amount he’d saved, and got more excited every time he noticed the balance increasing.

He stayed futuristic

Throughout the year of saving, he continuously reminded himself how good it was going to feel to spend freely once he landed. He envisioned himself just not worrying about money, and that was motivation enough to not use the fund for anything else.

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How it all paid off

When he hit his savings goal, Johnny remembers feeling so surprised at how easy it was. He felt totally prepared to take on the costs of traveling through some pretty expensive destinations. A year ago, the thought of saving $3,000 had sounded daunting. After the funds added up though, he realized it was much easier than he initially thought.

With the money saved, he saw this as a once-in-a-lifetime sort of a trip, and planned to spend accordingly. Once he landed, he never found himself questioning if he should or shouldn’t spend on a meal, or experience. The money was there, and it was up to him to spend it how and when he wanted.

Being the first person in his entire family to go to Europe, he wanted to do the trip justice. He took in the outrageously gorgeous scenery in Iceland, drank water straight from the steams, and soaked in the picturesque Blue Lagoon without a care in the world.

Prague was a whirlwind, and Paris was everything he’d hoped it’d be. He ate fantastic food, enjoyed the company of his closest friends, and even purchased a coveted Louis Vuitton wallet in the Paris flagship store.

“It felt so good to just spend money like I could,” he said. “I had no issues or cares for the first time in probably my whole life.”

Johnny, thanks so much for sharing your story with us. We’re so happy to have played a part in your travels!

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