by Tara Blaine

Simple Customers Amplified Their Impact

We asked the Simple community to donate to fight racial injustice—and pledged to #AmplifyYourImpact with our own contribution of $20 for the first 1,000 customers. Here’s a breakdown of the results (spoiler alert: they’re phenomenal).
Amplify Your Impact

Simple community, you blew us away! When we asked our customers to join us in donating to fight racial injustice, you came out in force—and we amplified your impact with an extra $20 contribution for each of the 962 customers who donated. Here’s a breakdown of how we made a difference together.

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Your impact

Here’s a breakdown of what we did together in just two weeks:

  • Number of Simple customers who donated: 962
  • Total amount Simple + the community donated together: $35,695.17
  • Amount donated to the NAACP: $13,861.49
  • Amount donated to the Equal Justice Initiative: $21,833.68

Your passion

We’d originally pledged to donate $20 for the first 500 Simple customers to participate—but so many of you donated (689 in just 3 days!) that we doubled that commitment. And this amazing community rose to the challenge!

Your voices

Seeing the donations roll in was inspiring. Even more moving was reading the reasons you shared about why this fight matters to you.

I donate because:

Your commitment

This isn’t the first time the Simple community has shown their commitment to fighting for racial justice—in June, we saw 37 times more donations to charities fighting racism and police brutality! If you have the means, we hope you’ll consider creating an Expense for ongoing donations to whatever organizations you feel passionately about.

Your feedback

We chose to amplify customer donations to the NAACP and Equal Justice Initiative for this effort because those organizations are committed to far-reaching work to dismantle systemic injustice—and we stand behind those values.

But there’s more work to be done! What other organizations would you like to see Simple support in the future? Let us know!

What charities would you like to see Simple support in the future?

Share your feedback below!

Our gratitude

A huge thanks to every customer who donated. As our CEO, David, discussed in this post, Simple is committed to fighting systemic racism—not just now, but for the long haul. We’re engaged in ongoing efforts for sustainable, concrete actions that can make a difference. And we’re so grateful you’re with us.

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