by Tom Wanielista

Announcing Goals for iPhone


So many of you have asked for it, and now the most-requested mobile feature for Simple customers is here. Goals for iPhone will change the way you interact with your spending and savings. Budget while you’re sitting on the bus. Allocate money for your regular expenses as soon as your paycheck gets deposited. Begin saving for a vacation the moment you have the itch to get away. Smarter saving can now happen anytime: starting today, you can create and edit Goals right from your iPhone, wherever you are.



Goals: A Primer

First, if you’re new to Simple, a bit about Goals: Goals is a flexible tool we’ve built to help you save and budget effortlessly and painlessly. Goals can automatically set aside a little each day for larger expenses–and then when it comes time to buy, you’ve already got the money tucked away. Or, use it for envelope-style budgeting–set aside chunks of money so you can give yourself spending limits and keep tabs on how much you’ve spent.


We pair that with Safe-to-Spend, which subtracts your Goals and upcoming payments from your available balance to give you an accurate picture of how much you can really spend. Together, Safe-to-Spend and Goals give you an easy but powerful way to organize your finances and encourage saving you might not be able to do otherwise.

So many of you have told us that Goals is the only savings tool that’s ever worked for you. We know that greater financial security leads to greater peace of mind, and now that peace of mind is available anytime you can glance at your phone.

Change The Way You Save

For those of you familiar with how Goals looks and feels on the web, you’ll find that everything is here: it’s easy to transfer funds between Goals and your Safe-to-Spend, pause or resume your goals, associate a particular transaction with a Goal, even create new ones.

I found myself using Goals for iPhone in surprising ways. For instance, on Sunday afternoons, I often explore my neighborhood, and sometimes I happen upon new restaurants I’d like to try. I used to just sigh at the ones that were a bit out of my price range, but now I set up a Goal to grab dinner there sometime in the future. Last week, I was shopping for myself, when I saw a pair of shoes my friend would love. Since her birthday’s in a few weeks, I created a Goal for her gift right there in the store. It’s changed the way I think about impulse spending: this way, I still get the instant gratification, but now I’m saving responsibly so I can spend smarter.



We’re proud to be building game-changing financial planning tools like Goals. We’re even more proud that we can continue to change the way our customers think about saving and budgeting–now you can truly start saving on a whim, or budget on the fly. We can’t wait to hear about the creative ways you’ll use Goals now that you can access them anywhere you go.

Available now in the App Store!

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