by Collin Ruffenach

Attach a Photo to your Transactions

Taking a photo of dinner

One of my favorite things about Simple is the way it brings my financial data to life. As we’ve built Simple to help you spend smarter and save more, we’ve also been inspired by the idea that your spending can tell a story. We noticed that by looking at our own transaction histories, we could see narratives emerge–trips we’d taken, big purchases we’d planned, and just the simple arcs of our everyday lives. We knew that those stories could make our data more useful and meaningful, so as we’ve built tools that make it easy to organize spending and saving, we also looked for ways those tools could help you find the stories in your data. Attach a Photo is the next step to making the most of your financial stories.

Personalize Your Finances

Now available on the web and on Simple for iPhone, Attach a Photo allows you to attach a photo or PDF to any transaction in your Activity. Want to remember the best brunch you’ve ever had? Just take a photo right from Simple for iPhone, or drag a photo from your desktop if you’re using Simple on the web.


Organization Is Beautiful

You can also use this handy feature to, for example, attach a PDF of your cable bill to the transaction where you paid it, or the receipt from purchasing your TV to the transaction where you bought it. Attach your boarding pass to your flight purchase for easy access in the security line. One customer even suggested adding photos of odometer readings to gas purchases. So cool! Your transactions become more than purchases, they become memories, milestones, and points of reference–all searchable and organizable with the power of Simple.


Attach a Photo is another step in our journey to replace your bank with something more useful, personal, and even fun. We can’t wait to hear how you use this new tool to organize your finances more efficiently and help your spending come to life.

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