by Sarah Eadie

Here’s What You Need to Become an All-Seasons Cyclist

Bicyclist crossing a bridge

When you decide that you love biking so much that you want to make it your primary form of transportation, you may find that you need new gear to deal with the cold, rain, and traffic.

These Simple Goals will help you increase your ability to go faster, ride farther, and be safer. Set these Goals and make the transition from fair-weather cyclist to year-round bike commuter.


Give your bike some TLC on the go with a portable multi-tool. Look for a tool with strong tire levers for changing a tire, a torque wrench to help you make adjustments more easily, and standard screwdriver bits so you can customize the tool to your bike.

Bike multi-tool

Bar mitts

When temperatures drop, you’ll need to find a way to bike around without having to defrost your hands between rides. There are good gloves out there that are wind- and chill-proof, but bar mitts are an even toastier option for more sensitive hands. These protective mittens fit over your handlebars, sheltering your hands as you brake and turn.

Bar mitts

Mud guards

In Portland, Simple’s home base, rain is as much of a local fixture as are novelty donuts and an inability to handle four-way stops. When you bike in the rain, a mud guard that clips securely and easily to the back of your bike is a must.

Mud guard

Intelligent bike lock

Especially if you’re all cyborged out, the hassle of sticking a key into your bike lock and turning it may seem a little old-fashioned. Fortunately, there are bike locks that allow you to easily unlock your bike with your phone.

“Smart locks” use Bluetooth® technology in your mobile phone to detect your presence. These locks spring open at the touch of a button, assuming you–or someone you’ve authorized to use the locks’ proprietary app–are attempting to open it.

Intelligent bike lock

Handlebar-mounted GPS

Trying to hear your phone chirp directions through your backpack isn’t an ideal way to get from point A to point B. Mounting your cellphone to your bike is a better solution, but crashing your bike becomes a greater risk than just the cost of truing your wheels.

Rather than using your phone, try a GPS cycling computer that clips to your handlebars as easily as a bike light. In addition to turn-by-turn instructions for getting where you want to go, these GPS computers provide performance data such as your heart rate and calories burned.

Turn-by-turn cycling GPS computer with handlebar mount

Before you hop on your bike to ride off on your next adventure, there’s something you should know. The Goal amounts listed in this post are estimates. The actual cost of this gear may vary based on where you decide to buy it, and your personal preference.