Budget for cozy Fall cooking

Fall is officially here and with the cooler weather settling in, comfort food is calling. There’s just something extra cozy about soups, roasted vegetables, and creamy pastas. Fall meals can be pretty inexpensive, and quick too, so read on to learn how budgeting with Simple can help you prep.
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Fall is the best for so many reasons.

First, you feel far less guilty about binge watching a new series for eight hours on a rainy Saturday. Second, you get to wear all your favorite flannels and sweatshirts, and can even throw on a beanie in the case of a rough hair day.

But the most exciting thing about fall is the comfort food that’s pretty easy to prepare and budget for.

The cookbooks

Sure, there are an abundant amount of food blogs out there but there’s something about having a real cookbook right in front of you. It’s more digestible than perusing the internet for hours, trying to find new recipes. Plus, they make great countertop decorations.

We suggest picking two to start with, and working your way through them. Grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy a rainy Sunday morning picking out what you want to make. It’s fun to try new meals, and make notes right on the pages.


The bare necessities

What’s a meal without the actual flavors? Fall is a great time to stock up on all the pantry necessities – from coconut milk and olive oil to rich spices and non perishables. These items make all the difference when you’re preparing meals, and it’s convenient to have them on hand in the kitchen.

Stock up on spices

The Instant Pot

Think of this as an upgrade from the Crock-Pot your aunt gave you several years ago. Although a bit of a splurge up front, the Instant Pot will change the way you cook. Pasta takes just three minutes to cook. Shredded chicken takes just 20. We swear this isn’t an infomercial.

But you can cook pretty much anything in this stainless steel pressure cooker. From soups to an entire roast, this will not only save you time, but clean up too.

Instant Pot

The ingredients to throw a good party

Now that you you’ve saved for all your cooking needs, and stocked your pantry, why not throw a laid back dinner to show off your skills? You just need some serving dishes, and a recipe you’re excited to share. Things like hearty vegetable soup, or a flavorful pesto pasta are great crowd pleasers. Invite friends over, and have them bring the appetizers and the wine to spread the cost out.

Party Time

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