Budget for Holiday Gifts Your Loved Ones Will Actually Use

If you blew your budget on last year’s holiday presents, this year might be the time to get smarter with your holiday present spending. Here are a few gift ideas that will provide a little more than just instant gratification on Christmas morning.
Woman opening holiday presents

Time to recharge

Everyone has that family member who spends more time fretting over everyone else than taking care of themselves. Gently remind them that they can focus on themselves with the gift of a spa day, where they can recharge and have time to themselves.

Sure, a day at the spa isn’t exactly a revolutionary gift idea. If you’re worried that this gift might not have a personal touch, you can spruce it up a bit by booking a spa appointment during a family getaway. Most vacation spots have at least a few high-quality spa options, and a day of pampering in the middle of a restful vacation is something no workhorse family member will say no to.

Spa day

A chance to try something new

Another classic trope in families is the person who buys literally everything they could ever conceive of needing, so by the time the holidays roll around, there’s nothing left to get them. This year, instead of panicking and getting a soulless gift card, why not pick out something fun and new that your family member wouldn’t think of to get for themselves. Maybe it’s the opportunity to try racecar driving at a nearby track, a bi-plane tour over your hometown, or a glassblowing workshop to work their creative side. Bonus points if the activity of choice is something you can do, too! That way, you can have time with your loved one, too.

A new experience

A picture-perfect moment

Got a family member whom you don’t see much? Or someone who loves to decorate their house with family memories? A beautifully framed professional photo of you two (either recent or retro), or the family, or even their pet, might be in order. It’s worth the effort: Your family member will appreciate the thought, and will love putting the photo up in their home.

Photo printing and picture framing

A getaway with a twist

Surprise the planner in your family with a trip out of town that involves an experience they’re not expecting. Maybe you’ve already got a family vacation planned soon—this is the perfect opportunity to upgrade your trip with a fancier hotel, a three-course meal at a local restaurant, or even a tourist experience.

Vacation upgrade

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