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Budget to Become a Pro Gamer

Gamers worldwide are proving that getting paid to do what they’re good at isn’t just a fantasy. From sponsorships to tournaments, there are many ways to make a living from gaming. Here are six essential items that you need to become a pro gamer.
Pro Gamer

Gaming for a living has always seemed like an unrealistic teenager’s dream, but it’s no longer just a fantasy. E-sports have gained increasing popularity in recent years, and now there are thousands of young adults who make six-figure salaries from playing games.

From sponsorships to tournaments, there are many ways to make a living from gaming. However, to do this you need to put in hard work and, just as importantly, you need to make sure you have the right equipment.

Do you think you can put in the work to become a pro gamer? It may initially seem expensive, but by putting aside around $50 a week, you can buy all of your equipment within half a year, putting you on the pathway to professional gaming.

Here are six essential items that you need to become a pro gamer.

Gaming PC

Computer hardware

If you’re looking to become a pro gamer, it’s likely you already have your own gaming PC setup. If you don’t, there are a couple of ways to get your hands on one. If you’re interested in getting started right away, you can buy a gaming PC outright. Prices for complete systems tend to range from $750 for a basic setup, to $2000 for a top-of-the-line model. If you’re more of a DIY type, check out our Budget to Build A Gaming Computer, where you can set Goals for all the components you’ll need. All up, this custom gaming setup costs $1265.

Gaming PC


It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, whether you are listening out for enemies or discussing tactics with other members of your team, a good-quality headset is essential. There’s a lot to look for when buying a headset—ill-fitting headsets can give you headaches, and low quality sound can affect your ability to play at your best. A good headset has clear, balanced sound without fuzzy feedback, and fits your head well. You get what you pay for here, so look to top-of-the-range items.


LED monitor

As you transition into making money from gaming, getting a crystal clear picture could be the difference between winning and losing.

Some LED monitors are designed specifically for gaming—they have low input lag, which is the time it takes to render the image. Some televisions have input lags as low as 19 milliseconds, which makes it easier to play fast-reaction games.

LED monitor

Wired controller

The controller you choose can affect what type of pro gamer you become. For instance, some gaming conventions have controller rules, and most ask for wired controllers instead of wireless. There are lots of advantages to using a wired controller; they are lighter and often more comfortable to hold. If you go wired, make sure it has a long USB cable and vibration feedback.

Wired controller

Fiber-optic broadband

A bad internet connection can make it impossible to become a professional gamer, as it can create a lag that will drastically lower your abilities. Investing in fiber-optic broadband is an essential move for anyone who aspires to be a pro gamer.

Unlike ADSL broadband, which uses copper wires, fiber-optic broadband uses cables made of glass or plastic, which are better for conducting data quickly. The cables are also stored underground so they are less likely to be affected by harsh weather conditions. This super-fast internet will allow you to game and stream without any problem.

Not all cities have fiber optic broadband that reaches all the way to the home, but if you are in a city where it does, this will be your best option.

One month of fiber-optic broadband

Professional microphone and webcam

A webcam allows you to record your gaming to show to viewers and fans. Many professional gamers are dependent on their webcam to make a living, so it’s critical to choose a professional webcam with a high-quality image.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to judge the quality of a webcam without buying it first. Check out webcam reviews online to make sure you’re buying a worthy webcam, as a fuzzy image will make your videos look unprofessional. Look for a webcam with high resolution and a sharp image that works well in low light.

Professional microphone and webcam

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