Budget to Build Your Dream Gaming Haven

Gaming isn’t just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. Here’s how make it part of your home too.
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Whether you’re spending 20+ hours a week letting off some virtual steam, or you actually make a living as a pro, the environment you play in is important. Behold: the gaming haven, the ultimate media-insulated bastion. Creating this hallowed space isn’t as hard (or expensive) as you’d think, even if you don’t make an enviable six-figure income on the pro gamer circuit.

Here’s what you’ll need:

The TV

Get a big-screen TV (or as big as possible) for the centerpiece. In ideal situations, it will even be the primary light source. Even though the Ultra High Definition (4K) TV market is quickly growing, the video game industry hasn’t totally caught up with it yet. Stick with a good-quality HD TV, and make sure it can handle your awesome talent on the controls. Look for units that have a “game mode” so there’s no lag between your console and the screen.

Gaming TV

The chair

Let’s talk about comfort. You need something ergonomic that supports your body while also allowing you to lounge. A great way to go is to get a floor-level rocker designed specifically for gamers. Rockers can keep you propped up or slouched as low as you’d like for an all-day (or all-night) binge. Just make sure you take some breaks to stretch!

Gaming rocker

The sound system

Today’s games have surround sound designs that surpass many big-budget Hollywood movies, not to mention A-list actors like Kiefer Sutherland are voicing some of the hottest game characters of the decade. Audio plays an undeniable role in immersing us in these digital worlds, so treat yourself to a nice surround sound system to really keep your head in the game. Many units have wireless speakers so you don’t have to deal with all those cords.

Surround sound system

Gamer’s wireless router

Lag time can be deadly; it’s imperative to have a router that won’t interrupt or slow you down during a crucial battle. Fortunately, a number of companies have created gamer-optimized routers that can allow you to prioritize broadband traffic.

Gaming routers enable you to super-customize and creating lists of which devices have more priority (like consoles or PCs over phones or tablets) or even specifying that a specific device (like your PS4) always gets the VIP treatment, even if you have 20 friends all Instagramming on their iPhones at once.

Gaming router

The console stand

Get a console stand that is adjustable and configurable so it can grow and shrink with your gaming needs as necessary. These make the perfect place to mount your TV, house your consoles and controllers, and display your games all at once.

TV stand

The mini-fridge

Cut out all those trips to the kitchen by having a nice mini-fridge packed with your favorite snacks and beverages. Bonus points if you can adjust your console stand to incorporate the fridge as well.


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