Build Your Savings Without Even Thinking About It!

Round-up Rules makes it easy to save money over time by automatically rounding up your transactions. Read on to see how you can build your savings with every swipe.
Change Purse on Round-up Rules Blog Post

One of the most frequent things we hear from customers is that they want to save up money—and how hard it can be. That’s why we’ve created Round-up Rules, an easy, automated way to build up your savings little by little every time you make a purchase.

Swipe, save, repeat

Round-up Rules makes saving so easy, you won’t even feel it. For every debit transaction, Simple will round up what you spend to an even dollar amount. When the “change” from those transactions reaches or exceeds $5, we’ll transfer it to your Savings Goal. So every time you spend, you save!

It all adds up

Over time, those small amounts you save will add up to a real chunk of change. And because the money goes into a Protected Goals Account, it earns a lot of interest (at a rate up to 35 times the national average*)—all you have to do is sit back and watch it grow.

Saving should be simple

We’re here to help you take charge of your financial future and make saving as easy as possible.

Questions about how Round-up Rules works? Check out this support article.

  • Based on the October 28, 2019 national rate. Check it out here.