What to Save to Become a Cyborg


Johnny Ray was the first human cyborg. After having a stroke, he woke up and was terrified to find he had what’s called “locked-in” syndrome.

Blinking twice for “yes,” he consented to experimental research under scientist and physician Philip Kennedy. Philip successfully attached a chip to his patient’s brain that allowed Johnny to move a cursor around a screen by thinking about it.

According to cyborg anthropologist Amber Case, there are much simpler ways to become mechanically enhanced. In fact, she believes that many of us are cyborgs already.

In her TED talk, she defines a cyborg as “an organism ‘to which exogenous components have been added for the purpose of adapting to new environments.’” By this definition, she argues, we become cyborgs every time we connect with a piece of technology that enhances our natural abilities.

If you’re interested in becoming a cyborg, we’ve rounded-up several Goals you can set to become faster, stronger, and more intelligent. The future is now.


Only broken cyborgs hunch. If you want to give off cyborg power vibes, you need to stand at rapt attention. With a posture-correcting device clipped to your clothing, you’ll be alerted with a gentle buzz if your body language says anything other than, “I’m about to take over the world.”

Posture Coach Device


Your body is already an advanced machine. While you don’t have the advantage of a personal fleet of super-geniuses to tinker with your woven polymer-fiber “muscles,” the right technology can help expedite the process of building strength naturally. Smart fitness apparel uses sensors to report everything from how hard your muscles are working to exactly how you move your body helping you get stronger, faster.

Save it now:

Smart Fitness Apparel


When you put on a helmet, it’s usually because you’re about to do something dangerous. Smart helmets protect your dome while enhancing awareness. Heads-up displays make information about what’s going on around you available at a glance.

Save it now:

Smart Helmet


A fully-charged cyborg can travel for miles without rest. Fitness trackers help you understand how many miles you go in a day. Equipped with this information, you can gradually increase the steps you take toward executing your mission.

Save it now:

Fitness Tracker


The coolest scenes in movies like Terminator or Iron Man are the ones in which we get to see what the cyborg sees. These days, that awareness isn’t too far-fetched. Smart glasses bring the power of your mobile device into your line of sight, folding technology into life in a way that’s interactive, not disruptive.

Save it now:

Smart Glasses


Channel your inner Neo and move objects with your mind. Neuroheadsets measure electrical signals made by your brain, allowing you to control objects on a computer screen or in meatspace simply by thinking about manipulating them.

Save it now:

Neuro Headset


These in-ear devices allow you to adjust the levels in your environment to listen to the most important things in your world the way you want to hear them.

Save it now:

Intelligent Sound Amplifier


One of the more profound uses of technology is suppressing chronic pain. Strapping this device to an appendage helps curb uncomfortable sensations by sending pulses of electricity that disrupt the pain signals sent from your brain.

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Pain Relief Bandage


Don’t be a rusty cyborg. Take care of your outer shell by protecting yourself from the potentially damaging elements. A UV detection bracelet will show you when you need to coat yourself in an additional layer of sunscreen so that your outermost layer stays sleek and pristine.

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UV Detection Bracelet


Sure, you want to use your cybernetic enhancements to improve yourself. But being a cyborg shouldn’t be all serious. A wearable smart toy gives your imagination the reigns. Slap it on your wrist, select a sound (like ‘drums’ or ‘ninja stars’), and turn the nearest object into the toy of your choice by gesturing accordingly.

Save it now:

Wearable Smart Toy


Being a cyborg can be stressful. With a brain-training headband, you can achieve deeper mental relaxation more quickly and productively. The headband measures activity levels in the brain, letting you know when you’re at risk of overheating your central processing unit.

Save it now:

Brain-Training Headband

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