Financial Goals: The Strange, The Sentimental, & The Successful!

Saving money can be a lot of fun when you zero in on goals that matter most to you. Check out some of the interesting things Simple customers have saved for, start dreaming up your own money goals, and make them a reality!
Financial Goals Hero

Saving money sounds like a great idea—but it’s tricky if you’re not sure what, exactly, you’re saving for. That’s why the first step to starting a savings habit you can stick with is to figure out the money goals that matter to you.

Really, saving is all about imagining the future you want—then making it a reality, step by step. First things first: get clear on your savings priorities; this blog post has lots of tips. Once you know your priorities, saving toward them will be a lot easier!

Financial goals: examples

Need a little save-up inspo? We asked the Simple community to share their successes—and the answers are as unique as our customers!

Blog FinanceGoals First Save CareBear v2

The first thing I ever saved for was…

  • …DVDs of Alton Brown’s “Good Eats.” I was a fan while I was a kid—still am, tbh!
  • …a down payment on a doll. I’m not the kind of gal that gets excited about dolls, but when I saw his expression and felt the softness of his hair, I wanted nothing more
  • …a Royal manual typewriter from the Sears catalog. I would type plays for my family to perform for the neighborhood—we charged a nickel for tickets!
  • …my first vehicle. I started saving when I was about 12 and was able to pay for it myself when I turned 16. I loved that truck!
  • …my first CareBear when I was five! My mom made a sheet of paper with 100 squares and I literally counted out my pennies

Blog FinanceGoals Stange Save Lovecraft

The strangest thing I ever saved for was…

  • …a semiautomatic rubber band gun
  • …reclaiming an abandoned community garden to bring life to the neighborhood and happiness to others—and maybe a few veggies too
  • … an EMF/IR Camera and EVP Recorder for ghost-hunting. I still use them today, although nothing comes through…. yet!
  • …a complete Lovecraftian fishing village for Halloween decor
  • …a longboard. But what’s interesting is how I saved up: I bought soda at the grocery store and sold cans to coworkers for twice the price…which was cheaper than the soda machine at work!

Ready to nail down your own saving plans? Here are some common goals to help you get started!

Put your financial goals within reach

Saving up can be a lot of fun when you’re working toward the things that give you joy. And it doesn’t have to be hard! Include each of your financial goals in your budget categories, then plan for how much you’ll contribute to each one every month.

Remember, the more specific the goal, the easier it is to focus your money on it. Try creating a budget category for each specific thing you’re saving for—a laptop upgrade, a 55-inch TV, a car downpayment—instead of just calling it “savings.”

Sticking to your plan is effortless with your Simple Account—just set up a Goal and we’ll tuck money away for you automatically. Here are a few more tips to make saving easier:

Smart saving approaches:

  • Put aside a little bit at a time—tuck away a few bucks every day to make saving feel manageable
  • Save a portion of every paycheck—pick a percentage of your income that works for you
  • Stash spare change—turn on Round-up Rules to slip a bit into savings every time you spend
  • Seize on windfalls—when you get a chunk of change (like a tax refund), put half of it toward savings

Stick-to-it tricks:

  • Keep your stash somewhere you won’t accidentally spend it (like a Protected Goals Account)
  • Give yourself a treat—one that doesn’t cost anything—every time you save instead of spend
  • Get a savings buddy—make a pact with a financially minded friend and cheer each other on
  • Track your progress—seeing your cash add up is inspiring!

As satisfying as it can be to buy something shiny right now, setting aside money for the bigger, shinier stuff can feel even more gratifying. So go ahead and dream big and start working toward those financial goals—whatever they may be!

Create a Goal and start saving today!

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