by Steph Sarff

Five customers. Five different ways they're using Simple.

We’ve talked to five customers with different careers and lifestyles. They’re unique as humans and use the app in all sorts of different ways too.
5 customers

Here, five customers tell us why and how they use Simple. And spoiler alert: there’s no one “right” way to use the product. However you use it, we just hope it brings you joy.


Digital marketing in the music industry - Nashville, TN - Customer for 6 years

Even in his younger days, Andy considered himself a spender, never a saver. He’d get $1 for allowance and find something to spend it on immediately. Fast forward several years. Andy found himself in about $9,000 worth of debt. He’s been using Simple as his main bank account, and has been vigorously using Goals to help him pay that down.

Before buying their house, he and his wife also signed up for a Shared Account. He says they share what they want to share, while keeping their personal finances separate. It’s also been helping them save for an overdue honeymoon to Ireland!

andy and wife


Web designer and lifestyle blogger - Virginia Beach, VA - Customer for about a year

Maleek started using Simple for the aesthetics of the app and the card. She loved the fact that it was really easy to set up, and just how visually appealing banking could be.

Now, she uses Simple as a side account for additional income. She saves up any extra cash she makes in this account, so it’s separate from the rest of her funds and safe from accidental spending. She says she still gets comments on how cool the card looks too!



Claims examiner - Portland, OR - Customer for 6 years

Kay joined Simple at a low financial point in her life. She was consistently overdrafting her account, and paying all sorts of fees each month. She was using Mint at the time, and says it was OK at giving her an overall view of hey money, but not the day-to-day insight she wanted.

She switched to Simple and immediately started using it as her main checking account. Since then, she’s gotten her financial goals under control… enough to plan three to four years ahead, instead of living paycheck to paycheck like she used to.

She recently used Simple to save for a trip to Iceland, and is currently using Goals to save for a half marathon, and the little things she’d needed along the way. Because she’s saved, she doesn’t stress when she needs to buy things like new headphones or some great running sneakers. She’s also saving for big trips to Scotland and Puerto Rico!



Web developer for an outdoor clothing company - Ventura, CA - Customer for 5 years

When he lived in the Portland area, Sean heard about Simple as a cool tech company to work for. Although he never applied to work here, he did apply for an account. He was initially drawn to the app for its sleek interface. At first, he used it for his “fun money”. He messed with Goals a little, and over time, it slowly became his main checking account. He liked the experience of using it; from the card to the features.

Now, he says he uses it because it takes all the noise and complications away from banking. He loves the fact that the app is technology-focused and that the interface is still minimal. He and his partner recently opened a Shared Account too, to split the costs of everyday items like groceries.



Drives for Uber and Lyft - Bozeman, MT - Customer for 5 years

Danny remembers going to his bank’s ATM about five years ago to withdraw $100. He’d never really tracked his finances, or where his money was going, and was a little embarrassed to see he didn’t even have $100 to his name. That night, he went online and signed up for Simple.

Now, he mostly uses the app to instantly transfer funds to his roommates and to save. He’s using a credit card for everyday purchases to build up his credit, and uses Simple to pay off the amount each month. He was also motivated by Simple’s 2.02% APY offer and has tucked away $2,000, with no intention of touching it. As a whole, he says his finances are in much better shape.

“Honestly, Simple is the only service I’ve used for more than a year that I’ve literally never had a problem with,” he said.

The consistent customer service is another reason he’s stayed with Simple for so long.

“If I ever have a question, I just write a quick message,” he said. “The dependability is strong and it’s really nice to not have to worry about anything. That’s invaluable,” he said.

DSC 3355

The Finest Print: The rate is effective as of October 25, 2018, is variable, and subject to change after the account is opened. Accounts subject to approval. So long as you keep at least $2,000 in your Protected Goal Account (this is where your Savings Goal lives) you’ll earn 2.02% Annual Percentage Yield on your entire balance. Dip below and you’ll earn 0.01% APY on your entire balance. Check it out for yourself (based on the October 1, 2018 National Rate):

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