From Getting By to Growing Confidence

Haisten ditched his paycheck-to-paycheck living for a financially confident future. With a lot of hard work and Simple’s budgeting tools, he’s now achieving his goals—and buying a house!
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Haisten vividly remembers life before Simple: he was living paycheck-to-paycheck, with a job he hated. And, compounding his stress, he was feeling out of control financially—often trying to buy lunch and discovering his card was declined because an automatic payment had gone through earlier in the day.

That ongoing uncertainty took a toll. “I would check my account every day wondering when Netflix or Amazon memberships would come out, so I’d know how much I had that I could actually spend,” he recalls.

A Simple change

Haisten knew the situation was unsustainable, so he made a bold move: he found a new job he actually enjoyed, even though it paid less than his old gig. At the same time, he committed to getting a handle on money management. “I knew that making less would mean I’d have to get better at budgeting,” he says, “and when I stumbled upon Simple it really helped me out.”

Having a checking account with a built-in budget was a game-changer. “The budgeting tools helped me get on track,” Haisten says, and he quickly discovered that Safe-to-Spend® took the guesswork out of navigating his day-to-day expenses—one glance at his Simple app showed him exactly how much he could spend at any moment without eating into the funds he needed for upcoming bills and automatic payments.

Haisten also used Expenses and Goals to create a budget that helped him not just get by on his salary, but to really thrive—building up his savings and financial confidence. He set up his funding schedule to make budgeting automatic: “I get paid bi-weekly, so the funding system takes out half of my bill money each check. Being able to have the same amount safe to spend every check is cool.”

The ease of budgeting with built-in tools also heightened Haisten’s awareness of his financial picture: “Just to know a new $30 bill is an extra $15 a check is something I’ve learned to be more conscious about.”

The ease of budgeting with built-in tools also heightened Haisten’s awareness of his financial picture: “Just to know a new $30 bill is an extra $15 a check is something I’ve learned to be more conscious about.”

Mastering money management

Haisten’s hard work has launched him from feeling uncertain to in command of his cash. He’s been able to pay off all his credit cards, and is days away from buying his first home—all at the age of 21! “It’s something I wouldn’t have felt confident about without Simple,” he says.

Feeling in control of his finances means the world to Haisten. As he puts it, “No stress about car malfunctions, being able to afford to pay my bills, or if I’ll be able to eat…I’m grateful this app has helped me get my act together.”

Haisten’s also excited to keep growing his financial-planning prowess. “I try to remember the lessons my grandpa taught me about money,” he says, and he’s deepening his education by listening to Dave Ramsey and learning about the stock market. With his growing confidence and tools to make budgeting easier, Haisten’s financial future is feeling brighter than ever.

Congrats, Haisten—here’s a big round of applause for your hard work! We’re grateful that Simple can support you in your success.

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