Growing Goals: How Ali uses Goals to keep building his future

Long-time customer Ali knew that Simple made it easier to not only manage his money, but to achieve his goals. Little did he suspect that realizing a goal to surprise his family would catapult him to ever-bigger life changes.
on the road

As a marketing manager in the IT industry, Ali has always kept abreast of emerging trends—so Simple was on his radar from the earliest days. He opened an account when Simple was still invite-only, and as Simple has grown, his reliance on the app’s features has also evolved: from exploring the freedom of a different banking philosophy to leveraging the Goals feature to spur an important trip that turned into an exciting life change.

Saving for a big surprise

Last winter, Ali was living in Arizona and feeling the strain of being far from family. His parents had just bought a new house in Atlanta—and with six months having passed since his last family visit, he was anxious to see his parents. So he hatched a plan to surprise them at their new house around the holidays and his dad’s birthday.

The only problem? He had only a month to prepare, and flights were expensive. So Ali turned to Goals—a Simple feature he’d used to save for milestones in the past. With his Goal set, it was easy to work the cost of the plane ticket into his budget and put aside enough for his December trip.

After setting up his cover story (he claimed he’d sent a package that his parents needed to be home to receive; little did his parents know HE was the package!), Ali flew to Atlanta, hopped into an Uber, and hid in his parents’ backyard to await their arrival. When his dad came home, it was time to spring the surprise—and it totally paid off. “My dad did a double-take when he saw me,” said Ali. “He actually didn’t believe it was me at first!” He reprised the trick a few minutes later when his mom arrived, hiding behind the couch until she walked into the living room. “She actually screamed at first, she was so shocked,” said Ali, “but within a couple seconds she was showing me around the new house.”

Surprising his parents with a holiday visit was deeply rewarding for Ali: “I was overcome with joy. Being close to your family, especially around the holiday season, I think it’s priceless.” Using Goals helped Ali fund what really matters to him: family. “You only get one family,” said Ali, “and I don’t want to take it for granted.”

mom and dad

One goal launches an exciting life change

Spending time with his family and exploring the city was a huge inspiration. “With my parents getting older, I want to create memories with them,” said Ali, and it had been 15 years since he’d lived in the same city as his family. “I also really love Atlanta,” Ali said, so he decided that his next big plan would be to relocate to the city permanently. Again, using Simple Goals was crucial. At first, Ali set up one large Goal for moving expenses. But as he got more detailed about the logistics of the move, he created smaller Goals to make sure everything was covered. Shipping his car, moving his beloved dogs, renting a moving van—“gradually all these small things add up, so I broke the Goals down into different things to save for,” Ali said. And managing his moving expenses paid off: when he landed a job with a tech start-up in Atlanta, he was financially prepared to make the leap right away.

Ever growing Goals, made Simple

For every Goal he’s created, Ali has relied on Simple to help him manage his finances to support his dreams. “I love being able to see the Goal grow on a daily basis,” he noted. “I’m a data nerd, so I love that.” He’s also a huge fan of the support options, both the in-app messaging and phone options. “Being able to connect with a human being right away is invaluable,” said Ali. “The first time I called and a real person picked up—not a machine—I was amazed.”

Simple’s features have supported big growth for Ali, and he’s not done yet. He loves living in Atlanta, so naturally one of his next goals is to save for a house in the area. And in the shorter term, he’s saving towards Goals of buying a new bike, an upcoming trip to Italy, and more. “The list goes on and on,” he said, “because I’m always saving for something.”

As someone who’s been with Simple from the early days, Ali’s had a chance to watch Simple evolve; he reflected that “Watching it grow into what it is now has been really exciting.” We’re excited to see how Ali’s dreams keep growing as he achieves his financial goals—go, Ali, go!

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