How Simple is Trying to Bridge the Emergency Fund Gap

Emergency Fund

Most Americans lack an emergency fund that could cover expenses over $1,000. A recent survey from Bankrate indicated that only 40 percent of Americans have an emergency savings of at least $1,000 to help cover unexpected costs. Instead, they would likely need to ask for help from family or friends or—worse—rely on their credit cards to get them out of a bind while risking getting into more debt. But Simple is here to help change that narrative and help more people reach their savings goals. Here’s how:

Making Saving Easier With Automated Savings

Simple automates your savings to help you save time on manual transfers of money into your Emergency Fund. With Simple, your Emergency Fund lives within your Protected Goals Account, which allows you to stash away money automatically without spending from it accidentally. Save a little every day and keep the money safe from card swipes simply by nature of it being in a separate Protected Goals Account.

Access to a Great APY

Take advantage of a great annual percentage yield (APY) when you use Simple to reach your savings goals and earn up to 2.02% APY. Simple pays 2.02% APY on all balances in a Protected Goals Account, so now it’s easier to reach your Emergency Fund goals.

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How Minimum Balance Requirements Slow Down Savings Progress

Some financial institutions require a certain balance to earn a premium interest rate. Simple helps you achieve your savings by offering a 2.02% APY on all Protected Goals Account balances. That means you can start earning 30x* the national average with any balance, so you can have peace of mind and focus on reaching your financial goals while earning a great APY.

Start and Grow Your Emergency Fund

Starting an Emergency Fund is simple when you have a plan. Here are a few tips to start your emergency fund and help it grow:

  • Start small to achieve big goals. Set up your Simple Protected Goals Account and create an Emergency Fund. Simple will automate your savings to add a little to your Emergency Fund each day. For instance, you can aim to save $5.46 a day (basically a daily latte) to build a $2,000 emergency fund within a year. You can even open a Shared Protected Goals Account with a partner.

  • Cut costs and save. Reduce unnecessary expenses to help save money that you can use to build up your Emergency Fund, such as TV streaming subscriptions you don’t use, or your daily coffee fix. To get an even greater handle on your budget, use Simple to track your Expenses so you can easily monitor your cash flow.

  • Use convenient resources. Use Simple as your resource to reach your savings goals, and take advantage of built-in savings and budgeting tools. Use some of these suggestions to help you personalize your Simple Emergency Fund to help you save based on your needs.

While many Americans lacks sufficient savings, it’s not impossible to get ahead of an unexpected expense. Kick start your Emergency Fund savings with Simple, and let us automate saving for you. Enjoy a little more peace of mind when you know you can cover that next surprise expense.

*Check it out for yourself (based on the June 10, 2019 National Rate):

The rate is effective as of June 6, 2019, is variable, and subject to change after the account is opened. Accounts subject to approval. Balances between $0.01 - 1,999.99 in your Protected Goals Account will earn 2.02% Annual Percentage Yield. Balances $2,000 and above in your Protected Goals Account will earn 2.02% APY.

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