Losing a job, gaining a goal: Katie and Alex share their story.

That’s what happened to Atlanta-based couple Katie and Alex. When Katie lost her job seven months into dating, they decided to get transparent about their finances. Together. And fast.

They already knew they had a lot of quirky things in common - they’re almost exactly the same age, for instance - but when they sat down to look at their finances, they discovered a few more. They were carrying almost exactly the same amount of debt; their car payments were off by pennies.

Katie was able to secure a new job quickly, but at a $30,000 pay cut. In order to tackle their combined $20,000 debt and still make ends meet, they decided to use Simple’s budgeting tools.

Alex was a long-time Simple user, but Katie wasn’t convinced. (She laughs that Alex was talking about his bank on their early dates. “Who likes their bank this much?” she remembers thinking.) Katie was with one of the big banks and didn’t really see the difference, but Alex eventually persuaded her to try switching. She did, and together they methodically plotted out their goals. They created budgets based on Katie’s new income, but with the ambitious goal to not only live on that new salary, but also pay down their debts.

It was much easier than Katie anticipated. Even as she was including fun things in her budget, like eating out, she found she had more control over her money than ever before. She could look ahead and know that certain expenses were taken care of, something she had never experienced with a single lump sum account. She had always cared about being financially responsible, but Simple’s tools allowed her to see the whole picture, and finally have confidence in her spending and saving.

Katie’s job loss was three years ago. Since then, Katie and Alex have not only paid off their combined $20,000 debt, they have saved $45,000, most of which will go towards a downpayment on a home.

They celebrated their accomplishment with a trip to Seattle, and they already have an eye on their next adventure: a honeymoon in Thailand!


Katie and Alex, congratulations on your financial wins! We’re so happy to have played a part.

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