by Nigeria Prince

Announcing CA$H$IMPLE

UPDATE: Way back in 2013, we put this post together for April Fool's Day. While we don't engage in this sort of malarkey very often, we've left this post up for posterity. Feel free to have a read of CA$H$IMPLE in all its 2013 glory, but please don't take it seriously!
photo of cash deposit

Here in Simple’s home city of Portland, OR, we deal with a lot of cash. With Portland’s staggering array of food carts and strip clubs, we always seem to have heaps of cash laying around. Although it’s nice to just kinda look at, we’ve always wished we could manage it using the same beautiful web and mobile apps that we’ve built to manage our debit card spending.

Until now, Simple customers had to turn cash into money orders, and then deposit using Photo Check Deposit. As one very clever Twitter follower of ours has noted, that’s not very Simple! We agree, and that’s why today, we’re thrilled to announce CA$H$IMPLE!

CA$H$IMPLE is the perfect way to keep your cash in order. Just like all the tools we’ve built, CA$H$IMPLE has the beauty and simplicity of use you’ve come to expect from our team. It works like this: just stack your cash (US Dollars only, Bitcoin support is in beta) in denomination from lowest to highest, then tap “Deposit Cash” on your Simple Activity screen. From there, enter the amount, snap a photo, and boom! Cash in your account. Immediately!

We know you’ll love how absolutely effortless it is to fund your account in this way.

Im rich!

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