Customer Service Action Plan Update

Improving response times is our #1 priority. Here’s an update on one step we’re taking to reply to urgent messages faster.
Simple Finance

We know the long wait times for customer support are frustrating, and certain issues can have major negative impacts on customers’ lives. So we’re elevating urgent issues—like transaction disputes, fraud reports, and lost cards—for rapid-response sessions.

During these rapid-response sessions, we’ll dedicate 90% of customer support staff to handling the most pressing support messages on certain days. While this limits our ability to handle phone calls on those days, the benefit is that we can help an extra 7,000 customers in a single day.

The next rapid-response session is scheduled for Wednesday, December 30.

If you need help, the best way to reach us is with a support message. In addition, self-service is available for many needs—find the full list here.

Thank you for bearing with us as we work to return to our usual quick response times. You can find more info on our action plan and ongoing updates here.

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