by Steph Sarff

School yourself in savings

Going back to school brings optimism, new possibilities, and those first day jitters. It can also bring along a hefty cost, but it doesn't have to. Read our guide for some tips on how to stay ahead of the money curve this year.
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Between books, a back to school wardrobe, and all those cute gel pens and agendas to choose from, it’d be pretty easy to wave goodbye to lots of funds. But we’ve got some tricks to help you not go overboard with your spending this year. So you can stress about your studies, instead of money.

The style guide

We know those store promotions, with their big “go back to school in style” banners are enticing. They want you to spend money on all the newest fall styles, because it benefits their business. Think twice before purchasing the hottest trends because they’re just that … trends. Which means they won’t be around forever.

If your wardrobe could use some updating (we get it), check out thrift shops, sale racks, and resellers like Buffalo Exchange and Crossroads. We’ve also been into the idea of capsule wardrobes. Basically, you choose a limited number of classic and coordinated items for your closet, that can all mix and match. Getting dressed is so much easier, and although it may cost a bit to get started, the long term benefits are totally worth it.

Lastly, just remember that no article of clothing is worth financing. Lots of stores offer credit cards and tempt you with a discount on your current purchase, but read the fine print first and pay special attention to the rates and fees that come along with them. We want you to look good, but don’t recommend going broke (or into debt) to do so.

Start a Clothing Goal!

School supplies are on a whole new level

With brands coming out with the newest and cutest supplies - from notebooks to pens, it’s no wonder people are obsessing over these adorable “must-haves”.

To get yourself pumped for the new school year, allow yourself one “splurge” item - something you’ll use a ton, and will keep you focused. A planner, or a huge desk calendar, are great options. Other than that, stick to the basics and scout sales earlier in the summer for all your essentials.

Before making purchases, check out coupons online. You never know if one company is running a promotion on back to school items, or if another will price match its competition. It never hurts to ask, or do a quick internet search for less expensive prices.

Start a Goal to Supply Yourself

Booked up

For starters, we’re thankful backpacks are cool again. But a backpack full of books can get heavy and wildly expensive.

To cut costs, we recommend searching for used textbooks through apps like Offer Up or Bookscouter. You can even bid on used editions on sites like eBay, or see if they’re available to check out at your local library. Lastly, make friends with people who share your major, and have a book exchange to limit your spend over the years!

Finally, a supportive backpack is a must. The options are endless, but we’re in full support of finding something durable and versatile for all your needs. Be on the lookout for sample sales, and softly used packs at thrift stores.

Start a New Goal for a Backpack

We hope these tips help you get straight A’s and the confidence to raise your hand in class. Study on, friends.

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