by Hillary Patin

Simple 101: How to Use the App

Attention Simple newbies and pros alike: here’s a quick rundown of everything you can do in the Simple app that can help you bank better and save easier.
Simple Goals and Safe to Spend screen

We’ll dive into the features and design of our banking app to make sure you’re getting the most out of it. While the Android and iOS apps have different menu layouts, both apps have all of the following features.

Signing in

When you first sign into the Simple app, you’ll have to use your passphrase to get in, just like you would on a web browser. Simple also uses Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), an extra layer of security that requires you enter a unique code that we’ll text you when you attempt to login with your username and password.

Your banking activity

Once you sign in to the app, you’ll land on the activity page. Like most banking activity pages, you’ll see your debits and credits on your account in order from most recent to least recent. On the Simple app, your debits are in red, your credits in green with a plus sign, and the debits and credits are organized by date for easy skimming.

If you’re using Simple’s Goals feature, or want to track your spending habits using Reports, you can edit your transactions from the activity page. Just tap on the transaction you want to edit to change the transaction’s category or add a memo. For debits specifically, you can change where the money was spent from within your account. For instance, if you have a Goal for food and a transaction from a grocery store, you can select the grocery store transaction and tell it to spend from your food Goal rather than from your Safe-to-Spend.

Shared Goals Screen Simple

Managing your monthly Expenses

The Expenses page is where you go to automatically save for your expected, recurring monthly bills. Think rent, your car payment, and groceries. Once you set them up, we’ll automatically save for them, by whenever they’re due.

From the Expenses page (the icon looks like a calendar) on the Simple app, you can create and delete your Expenses, see your Safe-to-Spend amount, and see the total amount of money that will automatically be deposited on your next payday. You can also easily see if you’re on track for your Expenses, and the date the Expense will be ready by.

When you want to create an Expense, click “Add” on the top right corner of the screen. Title your Expense, select the date you want it ready, how often it will repeat, and then add in the total amount. To edit your Expense, simply click on it. You’ll be able to adjust the amount, funding schedule, and if you want it to auto spend from a category.

With your Expenses covered, you’re able to use Goals to save for the fun stuff!

Expense detail - Coming up@1x

Saving with Goals

The Goals page is where you go in the app to save your money. You can create ‘Save now’ Goals, which moves money from your Safe-to-Spend into your Goal instantly. ‘Save now’ Goals are great for setting money aside for future big purchases like buying a home. You can also make ‘Save over time’ Goals, which move money in increments over time from your Safe-to-Spend into your Goals. ‘Save over time’ Goals are ideal for anything you want to save up for long-term, like savings, a pet, a wedding, or a vacation. If you create Goals to cover all of the things you’re saving up for, the money left over in your account is your Safe-to-Spend number.

From the Goals page on the Simple banking app, you can create and delete Goals, see your Safe-to-Spend number, and see the total amount of money in your Goals. It even shows you how much money your ‘Save over time’ Goals are pulling from your Safe-to-Spend daily, as well as the total amount of money in your account.

Once you have your Goals set up, they are easy to edit within the app. Just tap on the Goal you want to edit, and you’ll be able to change the amount of money in the Goal. For ‘Save over time’ Goals, you can change the amount of money in the Goal, the target date, or both if you want to save faster or slower. You can also ‘Pause’ or ‘Catch up’ on ‘Save over time’ Goals to stay on track. For both types of Goals, you can change the color of the Goal and add a memo.

Simple App Goals and Safe to Spend Screen

Get customer support

The support page is the place to go for personalized help and to check on support updates. Here is where you’ll recieve messages on any action you’ve taken on your account. For instance, if a new card is on the way, you’ve recently updated your address, or if a deposit has been made.

From the support page, you’re one tap away from support articles to get help with common questions like, ‘How do I photo deposit a check?’ and ‘What’s the scoop on the new chip cards?’. For more pressing matters, the support page allows you to call or send a message to Simple’s support team from directly within the app.

Transfer and deposit money

From the payments and transfers page, there’s various options on how to transfer money into or out of your Simple account. You can send an instant transfer to other Simple customers, mail a check, pay a bill, transfer money to and from external bank accounts, and photo deposit a check. For each action, you’ll be led through each step screen by screen until it’s complete. Easy peasy.

Simple ATM Finder Screen

Find a fee-free ATM near you

With the ATM finder on the Simple mobile app, you can find the nearest fee-free ATM, no matter where you are. When you go to the ATM finder on the app, it’ll show you a map with your location in the middle. To find fee-free ATMs near you, just zoom out and move around the map to see all available options.

If you have the Android app, the ATM finder has its own page on the menu, and you’ll have the option to tap “Find nearest” to find the closet ATM to you. If you have the iOS app, the ATM finder is under your Payments and transfers page.

Manage your card

From the Simple app, you can reset your PIN and block your card instantly. The Android app even lets you know that when, “you block your card, new transactions will be declined, but pending transactions will settle normally” for clarity.

On the Android app, you can manage your card from the “Your card” page on the menu. On the iOS app, you can manage your card from the last page under “Card Management.”

Find your account numbers

Finding your routing and account numbers has never been easier. On the Simple Android app, go to “Your account” and “Account numbers” to find your routing number and account numbers easily. On the Simple iOs app, find “Account numbers” under the last page. If you have a Shared Account those routing and account numbers will be listed separate from your Individual Account.

Simple travel notices on iphone

Traveling? Let us know

If you’re planning a trip and don’t want your card to get flagged for suspicious activity, you can let Simple know ahead of time. Under “Your account” and “Travel notice” on Android, and under the last page and “Travel Notice” on iOS, you can let Simple know where you’re going, how long you’ll be there, and how much you expect to spend.

Update your information

Whether you’ve moved, changed your number, or changed your email, you can update it in the Simple app. It’ll guide you through step by step for changing information that requires a security check. For Android, you can do this under the “Your account” page. For iOS, you can update your information under “Your information” on the last page.

Customize your settings

Under the app settings, you can personalize your notifications, privacy options, and find the customer service and privacy policy. Find the app settings for Android under the “Settings” page and for iOs on the last page under “App Settings.”

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