by Steph Sarff

The most paws-itive investment

When Bob started saving for a puppy, he had no idea what he was getting himself into. After several months of saving and prioritizing his spending, he actually developed healthier financial habits. And the best part -- he has a furry friend because of it.
Einstein 1

Bob had just moved from Kansas City, MO to Atlanta, GA to start a new job. The smell of change was in the air and amidst it all, he decided it was the first time in his life he was financially and mentally ready to support another living being.

It was going to be a big investment, this whole getting a puppy thing; in time, money and energy, but he was prepared for the challenge.

A Goal is born

Once Bob decided a furry friend was in his future, he immediately started a Puppy Goal in his Simple account. He knew he wanted a corgi. He just couldn’t ignore the cuteness of their short legs, pointed ears and the way they waddle.

While he searched for a furry companion, he took a hard look at his finances. He made a list of all the things he was currently spending money on that could easily be cut out. He ended up with about $400 (per paycheck!) that could be used toward his Goal, rather than at restaurants or on material things.

Bob knew he wanted to save at least $2,500 to cover not only the cost of his future pup, but for all the necessities dogs need too, from a bed to their first vet visit. There was also a $500 pet deposit at his apartment that he’d need to pay. Things were adding up quick. And for a moment, Bob questioned if he was making the right decision.

To really buckle down on saving, he set up a funding schedule to automatically contribute to the Puppy Goal every time he was paid. That way, the funds were being set aside on a regular schedule, and adding up pretty quickly without him having to do much of anything.

During all the saving, he continued to make positive and conscious decisions when it came to his money. Would he rather spend $200 on some new clothes, or put it towards his Puppy Goal? The answers became pretty clear to him.

You know when you know

After months of research and waiting lists, a fluff of a newborn corgi found its way into Bob’s life. He knew then that this was exactly who he’d been saving for.

It would still be a few months before the pup could make the transition to his forever home, but Bob knew two things: One, that his name was going to be Einstein, after Doc’s companion in Back to the Future. And two, he was making a great decision.

While Einstein continued to grow, Bob’s Goal was getting bigger too. He continued to save, but would also spend on pet supplies directly from his Puppy Goal, by setting up the Auto-spend option. If a purchase wasn’t automatically deducted, he’d go back in and attribute it to the Goal, just to make sure he was still on track.

Things were really starting to come together. Bob was feeling more and more confident that he not only had the money to cover Einstein’s costs, but that he was going to be a great dog dad.

The gift that keeps on giving

When the day of Einstein’s arrival finally came, Bob was not only elated, but completely prepared. Einstein was greeted with new toys, a cozy bed and enrollment into puppy classes. Things were already looking pretty positive for this guy.

Bob also had a splurge moment and bought a new camera for all the dog photos he knew he’d be taking.


“I’ve never felt more like a millennial, but I just knew it was going to happen,” he said. “I’d like to say it’s because I’m a photographer, but really it was all for Einstein.”

Having a cutie of a dog is a perk in and of itself, but Bob’s been finding new reasons to get more active too since Einstein has joined his household. He’s joined a gym, and finds more reasons to get outside during the day.

Although saving and changing some of his spending patterns took a little time, Bob is so happy he was able to do it.

“I knew it would be a big investment and adjustment for me,” he said. “All the money I’ve saved and spent has been totally worth it and Simple made it so easy.”

Together, they’re working on all the fun puppy things right now, from potty training to socialization. Bob and Einstein, congratulations. We’re so happy to have played a part in you finding each other.


Start a furry friend Goal now

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