by Sarah Eadie

The (Soon to Be) Most Tattooed Cities Based on Simple Goals

Infographic of tattoo goals by American city

It’s summertime. People are out in their warm weather finest, and tattoos once obscured by sweaters and slacks are out to get some air. Seeing the incredible body artwork may cause envy in everyone from the tattooless to the heavily modified.

If seeing cherry-red octopi or bright floral arrangements crawling up someone’s arm has you thinking about getting a tattoo, you’re in good company. According to an expert panel from the Pew Research Center*, more than a third of young adults sports a tattoo. And most people don’t stop at one. 50% of people who get their first tattoo go back and receive between 2-4 more.

We were curious if there were particular cities where Simple users are more eager to put needle to skin than others. We searched for the cities with the greatest number of tattoo-related Goals set by local Simple users. So, who’s in the top 10?

First place Portland, OR has reason to celebrate, beating rival Seattle, WA. In terms of numbers, California sweeps it, with three cities–San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Oakland–occupying the top ten spots. New York state comes in close second with two cities on the list. And it’s worth calling out Minneapolis, Minnesota as the noteable dark horse.


If you’re interested in getting ink of your own or are just like outrageously competitive and want your city to place in the top-ten spots, start putting money in a tattoo Goal today.


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