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Your Built-in Budget Tracker

Master budgeting with easy tools built right into your checking account

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Expenses: Automate your budgeting

Turn recurring life necessities—bills, groceries, gas—into Expenses, and Simple will put aside the money for you. It’s an automatic budget tracker that frees you up to spend on the fun stuff without worry.

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Goals: Saving made painless

A budget planner for the bigger things in life. Set your Goal, and Simple stashes the money away a bit at a time. Whether your heart desires a new bike or a trip to Barcelona, you’ll save up for what you really want.

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Safe-to-Spend®: A boss for your budget

Always know exactly how much you can spend without blowing your budget. Simple’s budget tracker does the math for you, so you can spend on the fun stuff stress-free—no mental mathematical gymnastics required.

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Analytics: Spend and save smarter

Ever wonder where all your money went at the end of the month? Use Simple’s account activity reports and easily searchable transactions to gain insight into your spending habits—and figure out where you can cut back or let loose. It’s like a mirror that reflects your true financial self.