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Expenses: A Built-in Bill Tracker

Discover the easiest way to make and stick to a budget, automatically

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Relax, your essentials are covered

Just enter your monthly bills and living expenses, and we’ll automatically set aside the money you need. Knowing your necessities are covered means you can spend on the fun stuff without worry.

Set it up, then let Simple do the work

Spreadsheets, bill planners, mental calculations at the cash register...budgeting used to take a lot of effort. With Expenses, we do the work for you. Just set it up once and leave the math to us.

Stay on track and in control

It’s easy to check your progress in saving for upcoming bills, and you’ll always know if you’re on track. So you have peace of mind when spending the rest of your money— whether it’s heading to a concert or just stopping for a snack. If you ever get off track, we’ll let you know, and you can transfer money over with the tap of a finger.

Setting up an Expense is easy

Share expenses? Share Expenses!

When it comes to shared bills, two paychecks are better than one! Open a Simple Shared account and budget smart together. You’ll both have your personal accounts, plus one to share where you can create (and crush) shared Expenses. Now, instead of bugging each other come bill time, you’ll be saving up together.

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