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Spend spontaneously, without derailing your budget.

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Take the fear out of checking your account balance

Safe-to-Spend is a more accurate reflection of an available balance that represents your in-the-moment cash flow, accounting for future bills and budgets. It’s a smart budgeting tool that does the “can I afford this?” math for you, so you’re better prepared to make smart financial decisions on the spot. (We’re looking at you, English Majors.)

Confidence in smarter spending

In the interest of transparency, let’s admit together: it’s hard to keep track of your budget and financial goals. Whether it’s because you’re too busy to double check, or too afraid to see a low account balance and feel ashamed, sometimes you spend money you shouldn’t. Safe-to-Spend® is the budget manager built right into your banking app.

Safe-to-Spend is a safeguard to keep you on track.

Safe-to-Spend is your total available balance minus your Goals and any Scheduled Activities that will be withdrawn from your account in the next 30 days. It’s your own smart budgeting tool that, together with Goals, is the heart and soul of your Simple account.

To calculate Safe-to-Spend, we take your account balance, subtract the amount you have earmarked for recurring bills and financial goals, and tell you exactly how much money you have leftover to spend on whatever you want.

Say it’s payday, and you just want to know how much money you have left over after paying bills and setting some aside for your savings Goals. It can be even harder to keep track of that leftover amount as payments and spending money start to go out of your account. Safe-to-Spend updates in real-time—no more manual spreadsheet budgets or calculations scribbled on napkins. Just a pretty cool online budgeting tool built right into your account.

How Simple Safe-to-Spend Works

Learn more about how Safe-to-Spend helps you keep track of your budget and financial goals: