July 22, 2015
by Sarah Eadie

CR Agent Sam on the Best Neighborhoods for Cat-Spotting in PDX

Sam takes you on his famous tour de' cat through Portland neighborhoods.

Name: Sam D. Time with Simple: 1 year and 1 month Favorite Goal: Trip to the Oregon Coast

Ahh, cat-spotting, that old pastime.

If you’re not familiar, cat-spotting is the act of strolling through neighborhoods looking for and appreciating local felines. Whether you choose to pet them, or just nod approvingly, there’s nothing like seeing a domesticated cat in the wild, rugged landscape of Portland’s neighborhoods.

We tapped resident cat expert and veteran CR agent Sam for the scoop on the top 3 neighborhoods for cat-spotting. His answers were perfect.


Sunnyside Neighborhood

You will always find a furry friend strolling through this SE neighborhood nestled inside SE 49th and 28th streets between Hawthorne and Stark. The cats here love their porch step meet-and-greets and are always game for some petting.



Life is much slower in the Brooklyn neighborhood just south of the Ross Island Bridge, and the cats here are quite shy. So if you spot one on your walk, grab your iPhone quick for it won’t stay long!



Portland’s popular SE Division Street is a tough place for cats. They know the hustle and bustle is just too much for their little paws. The trick is to sneak into the residential areas around Division, in the Richmond area. That’s where you’ll spot them in the bushes.

Pro tip: Cats in this area have sophisticated taste buds, doubtless due to their proximity to Salt & Straw. I recommend carrying a pocketful of free-range organic cat treats when wandering through Richmond.

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