July 15, 2015
by Sarah Eadie

Portland’s Best Craft Spots According to CR Agent Laurel

Laurel at PSX in Portland

Name: Laurel P. Time with Simple: 1 year and 1 month Favorite Goal: Eaux Claires Music Festival tickets

We employ a lot of talented people; the type of people who bring the same passion and intensity to their hobbies as they do to their day-jobs.

CR agent Laurel is one such individual. She’s a prolific crafter, as is evidenced by her Tumblr. We asked her to share her favorite crafty spots in Portland. Here are her recommendations.


Collage has all the goods I need to support my needle-felting habit! Their Alberta location is packed with so many treasures. They have frequent sidewalk sales, which are hard for me to resist.

Best for: Craft supplies

The Rebuilding Center

I love walking through the Rebuilding Center and seeing all of the ways old stuff can get a new life. I rent my place, so I don’t get a ton of opportunities to work on DIY home projects. But when I recently helped a friend convert a delivery truck into a camper, this was the first place I thought to go for unique additions.

Sure enough, we nabbed some bookshelves that had been retired from Powell’s Books. They’re a great addition to their new space!

Best for: Home improvement projects

The Gallery Store at The Museum of Contemporary Craft features the work of local artists and craftspeople. This museum has everything from leather goods and 3D printed jewelry to spectacular, functional ceramics.

They also have gallery store artist-in-residence programs, so you can meet featured artists and see their work processes. You’re bound to see something that inspires you every time you visit.

Best for: Craft ogling, project inspiration, hero worship

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