July 15, 2014
by Matt Sacks

What's New with Goals?


Human brains are kind of lazy. When managing money is a chore, we’re less likely to save, even when we know it’s important. Goals makes saving fun and easy, helping you put more money towards the things that matter to you. Since we announced Goals two years ago, Simple customers have saved for everything from iPhones to first homes.

Ready to get started with Goals? Here’s what we’ve done to make taking control of your finances even easier.

Easier to Use

We’ve given Goals a fresh new look. From starting your first Goal to putting a little away each day, you’ll notice the difference. We’ve consolidated your Goals information into a single form, allowing you to add and edit new goals with ease.

Screenshot for creating a goal.

New Organizational Tools

We’ve added a number of new organizing capabilities, like the ability to add memos to Goals. Whether you use a hashtag, link, or personal note, memos can help you organize your saving.

We’ve also given you the option to color code your Goals, making it easier to sort and scan what you’re saving towards or spending from.

Screenshot for changing a goal budget.

Start Saving Now

If you’re already a Simple customer, starting a new Goal takes just seconds. Sign in now to get started.

For more information about Goals, read our post 3 Steps to Simplifying Your Financial Life with Goals.