January 27, 2011
by Joshua Reich

Introducing Adam Erlebacher

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I’m really excited to announce the addition of Adam Erlebacher to our growing team. Adam joins us in the role of Vice President of Product Marketing. We met Adam through one of our investors and we ended up spending a lazy afternoon walking around the Lower East Side discussing the history and current status of retail banking. We immediately clicked. It was clear that Adam had put much thought into what was broken and possible ways of fixing it. Equally clear was that Adam had the magical combination that every startup employee is required to have: Hustle.

And as you might expect, we are extremely data-driven at BankSimple, especially when it comes to marketing. What you may not know is that for the past twelve months we’ve been quietly running advertising campaigns across the web. We haven’t been spending much money, nor have we been using the campaigns to attract much attention. Rather, we’ve been using campaigns as a way of testing out our message and gauging people’s reactions to various product features. This has been an amazingly useful way of doing customer development, especially before we launch BankSimple. We also have a wealth of archived email conversations with potential customers and over ten thousand responses to our survey.

With Adam’s arrival we have been ramping up our efforts, applying our highly quantitative approach to marketing and product development. As we approach our launch and beyond, Adam will manage our data driven process for learning how to best deliver and explain our unique approach to banking.

Adam started his career in the leveraged finance group at JPMorgan focusing on technology, media, and telecom deals. Quickly realizing there was more to life than banking, he joined Colloquis, a natual language software provider, where he ran business development before the company was sold to Microsoft. Most recently, he completed the sale of his latest venture, PlaceVine, where he was co-founder. Adam is a graduate of The Wharton School and Tufts University. He’s also a secret fan of prog metal, which endears him greatly to our engineering team.

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