August 19, 2010
by Alex Payne

Introducing the BankSimple Engineering Team


Hi, I’m Alex Payne. I joined Josh and Shamir as BankSimple’s third cofounder several months ago. My role here is Chief Product & Technology Officer. That means a bunch of responsibilities, first and foremost among them being building our technical team.

Rather than belaboring my own introduction, I’d like to publicly welcome the engineers that I’m proud to have brought on board: Dave Fayram, Thomas Lockney, Toby Sterrett, and Ian Collins.

Dave, Toby, and Ian come to us from search startup Powerset, by way of Microsoft. They’ve been working together for some time, and I’m happy to give them an opportunity to continue to do so. Thomas joins us after a long stint at Triactive, a systems management technology provider.

Dave will be BankSimple’s Lead Engineer, focusing particularly on backend services. He’s one of a very few people who have written Common Lisp professionally, as well as Erlang. His thorough approach to engineering and thoughtful application of functional programming made him, in my eyes, the perfect person to lead our development efforts. Dave is increasingly involved in the Clojure community, and I’m looking forward to learning more about that programming language from him as we work together.

Toby and Ian are brilliant front-end developers and designers, each with their own impressive personal projects outside of their contributions to Powerset and, more recently, Bing. Toby has been spending his free time working on laterstars, a supremely useful tool for keeping track of tweets that contain interesting links and photos. Ian is a contributor to the MooTools JavaScript framework, the author of stealth photography iPhone app NinjaCam, and the designer behind the witty annotated photography tumblelog The Big Caption. Together, Toby and Ian will be working on the part of BankSimple’s system that our customers will interact with, both on the web and on Apple’s iOS (but don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about other mobile platforms!). Their skills complement those of our recently-announced Creative Director, Bill DeRouchey.

Thomas rounds out the engineering team with experience and enthusiasm. He enjoys working across the proverbial stack, and has built backend systems, frontend interfaces, and done operations work. Thomas is the founder of both the DorkbotPDX and PDXScala meetups, and has been a technical reviewer for several books on developer technologies. I’ve appreciated his organizational drive and community spirit, not to mention his smart commentary on technical topics over Twitter and the like.

Dave, Toby, and Ian will remain in San Francisco. Thomas, Bill, and myself will be working together in Portland, Oregon. Josh and Shamir are holding down our office in the DUMBO neighborhood of Brooklyn. Together, we’re pushing BankSimple forward. We’re just as eager as you are to actually use this thing, and we can’t wait to get started as a team.

If we seem like people you’d want to work with, check out our open positions. At the moment, we’re particularly eager to find a great ops/devops person.

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