January 31, 2011
by Alex Payne

Introducing Ted Nyman, Engineer

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It’s my pleasure to announce that Ted Nyman is joining the BankSimple engineering team. Ted is working alongside Dave Fayram and Thomas Lockney on the backend of our system, with a focus on data storage.

Ted’s main engineering interest has always been storage. While still a kid, he did his first database work for a local political organization. Ted’s first love, though, is actually design; at one point, he considered becoming a typographer. Ted retains a major interest in design and user experience, and we love having that sort of cross-disciplinary passion amongst our staff.

Ted is an active member of the San Francisco tech community and a frequent open source contributor. He wrote the first web interface for Redis and is co-author of Redis: The Definitive Guide, forthcoming from O’Reilly. He was most recently a software engineer at Whiskey Media. For the past year Ted has organized the San Francisco Redis Meetup and evangelized Redis to developers. Among new storage solutions, he’s also especially interested in Riak.

Ted studied at Cornell, plays guitar for fun, compulsively reads fiction and poetry, and lives in Northern California. We can’t wait to have him on board.

We’re actively looking for an Operations Engineer to join our team. If Ted seems like the sort of person you’d like to work with, check out our careers page.

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