December 13, 2012
by Matt Sacks

Recent Update Roundup

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We never sit still here at Simple. Every day we’re updating, tweaking, building, fixing, and polishing all the tools that make Simple the best way to save and spend. In the past few months, we’ve brought you some big features, like Goals, Reports, and Photo Check Deposit. But even on the days when we’re not releasing something major, everyone here–from our front end engineers to our compliance team–is working to improve the way you bank. So, we’d like to share a few of the recent small-but-cool improvements we’ve made. We hope they make your life (and maybe your holiday shopping?) a little easier.



New customers have a brand new, step-by-step welcome experience to introduce you to life with Simple, and help you to really replace your bank. The new welcome tour is personalized depending on where you are in the process of switching to Simple. You’re not presented with an intimidatingly empty checklist, instead we gradually guide you through. It’s also a great way to see an overview of our features, learn about them, and even try them out.

The new welcome tour starts with a fun video we made to show how Simple can help you use your finances to tell your story. Check it out!

Add Photos or Documents to Transactions


In the web app, you can now drag and drop an image or PDF to attach it to a transaction. Upload your receipt so you don’t have to carry it around with you (perfect for business trips), or take a photo of your meal or the friends you were with to remember the occasion. Attach a movie poster to your ticket purchase, or album art to a music purchase. It just looks cool! Select a transaction and click “Edit” to try it out! Coming soon to mobile.

Vendor Cards


Simple is all about helping you manage your finances by providing context for your transactions. We aim to make it a lot easier to remember when a transaction happened, and where you were by mapping your transactions and including exact timestamps. But maps have never really made much sense for online purchases or monthly bills and subscriptions. To help with this, in the transaction view, you can now see helpful information like recent purchases links and customer service phone numbers for vendors like Amazon, iTunes, and lots more. We’re adding more all the time, so if something’s missing, just send us a support message.

Edit Multiple Transactions at Once

If you like editing and adding notes to your transactions as much as we do, you’ll be happy to know that you can now edit multiple transactions simultaneously. Click the small checkboxes next to each transaction to choose the transactions you want to edit.

This makes it easy to quickly add a hashtag to multiple transactions, make bulk changes to transaction categories and merchant names, or even associate a group of transactions with a particular Goal.

Per-Transaction Swipe Limit Increased

If you’ve been dreaming of a MacBook Pro or a new living room set, now you can buy it with Simple. We’ve raised the per-transaction limit from $3,000 to $6,000, so your big purchases can be easy and enjoyable. Go on, set a Goal for something big!

We hope you love all these small improvements. We’re adding more all the time.

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