October 23, 2017
by Lincoln Mongillo

Small but Mighty Improvements

Improved spending updates make it easier to budget and manage your money--hooray!

Here at Simple, the details are important to us. Especially the ones that help make you feel more confident with your money. It’s why we are here, after all. So whether it’s a tip suggestion or seeing what your partner spent via your Shared Account, we’re always looking for ways to take what you love about the app and make it better.

Today we’re introducing some small but mighty upgrades that you’ll see via iOS push messages and one more way to customize your transaction list on both iOS and Android. We hope these new updates will help you feel even more in control of your spending.

1. Updates to our Tip Calculator
Starting today, you’ll be able pull up more options for tip suggestion and totals.


As you’ve likely seen, when you visit your favorite bar, restaurant, or ice cream parlour and your card is swiped, we suggest a 20 percent tip via the real-time transaction push notification. However, we know that not all tips are created equal so now you have more options. Simply press and hold on the push message and you’ll see amounts and totals at 15 percent, 20 percent and 25 percent, all at a glance. No need to be a math wizard. We’ll take care of that for you.

2. More Ways to View Safe-to-Spend
Safe-to-Spend was created so you can quickly get an accurate reflection of your available balance that accurately represents your in-the-moment cash flow, accounting for future bills and Goals. While Safe-to-Spend has been easily accessible at the top of your app, now you can securely enable Safe-to-Spend to show via push notifications. With this, you’ll be able to stay even more in-the-know about your available finances with every swipe. To enable this feature, visit the iOS App Settings.

moew ways to view safe to spend

3. Assign Money to Goals More Easily

“One of the most satisfying feelings is assigning a larger purchase to a Goal and watching my Safe-to-Spend jump back up!” -Jennifer, Simple Customer since 2015.

We totally agree and want it to be easier for you to feel that beautiful feeling. So, we’ve launched a new ‘Spend from Goal’ feature. When a purchase notification pops up, just push it and you’ll be able to assign that purchase to a Goal right then and there as you’re spending the money. Easy-peasy and oh-so-satisfying.

4. An Even More Personalized View of your Transactions
With each purchase you can add notes and even photos, so why not the ability to edit the merchant name or transaction category and have it stick for all future transactions?


We’re excited to announce that this capability is now live across Android, iOS and our website. Now when you go to make an edit to a place where you’ve spent money, you can choose if you’d like that edit to be remembered just once or for all future transactions. Now your purchase list can look just the way you like it.

What features would you like to see next? What would help you with budgeting? Let us know by tweeting at us at @Simple. And stay tuned, we’re always launching new features to help you attain wizard-status with your budgeting.

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