October 23, 2015
by The Team at Simple

Set a Goal for Human Goodness

human goodness poster

This is the season that inspires many humans to make joyous expressions of human goodness. At Simple, we see extraordinary amounts of it, particularly in the Goals people set and achieve for charitable causes.

We started Simple to help people; to see folks using Simple to help other people is pretty magical. So this year, we’ve planned something special for all you supporters of human goodness out there. Here’s how it works:

Set a Goal for “Human Goodness” between Monday, 11/23 and Monday, 11/30.

Be sure to keep your Goal named “Human Goodness” so we can send you a “Genuine Human Goodness” patch, and some other fun stuff too.

  • “Can I use my Human Goodness Goal for any charitable cause I want?”
  • Yes, absolutely!

Is there a cause you believe in? An organization doing work you admire? If you’re willing and able, please set a Goal for “Human Goodness” (after all, the world can can never have too much).

Human Goodness

Disclosure: Oh, hello! Friendly disclaimer here. Just a few things to know to qualify for this giveaway: You need to be a human; And a Simple customer; And you need to create a Goal called “Human Goodness” between 12:01 PST on 11/23 and 11:59 PST on 11/30. We can only offer one giveaway per customer. Onward to human goodness!