July 30, 2014
by Joshua Reich

Celebrating Our 2 Year Simpleversary

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It’s been a big year for Simple. We’ve more than doubled our staff, tripled our customer base, and joined the BBVA family. There’s still so much more to do, and we’re thrilled to be doing it.

But it’s important for us to step back and celebrate our progress. Celebration brings people together and reminds us of all the great things we’ve accomplished. It also fuels our excitement for the future. Here’s a look at what we are focused on right now:


As Simple customers ourselves, we want what you want. We’ve been rapidly expanding our team to get the features you’re most excited about launched sooner. Want to help? Join us!


In the past, we’ve used invitations to help manage new customer volume. Today, with a bigger team in place, we’re ready to ditch the wait list. Sign up now to get started in seconds, no invite necessary.


With support from BBVA, we have the resources in place to make long-term investments in both our technology and people. We promise to continue building out the new features and the awesome service you, and your friends and family members love. We’re encouraged by the past two years, but we’ve only just begun.


…you know and love. We’re laying the foundations for huge changes, but our vision remains the same: to prove that personal finance can be enjoyable, and that your relationship with spending, saving, and banking can be a pleasant one. Staying true to that vision of building a company that truly has its customers in mind is what’s gotten us this far. We will stay true to our philosophy and principles, no matter how large or how fast we grow.

As always, we’re here because of you. We’re proud to have you as our customers and hope you feel the same about banking with Simple.

Learn what makes Simple different and how you can be proud of your bank.

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