September 06, 2011
by Ryan Snyder

BankSimple is Hiring


BankSimple is building a worry-free solution for personal banking, featuring strong customer service, modern design and technology, plus no surprise fees. We’ve had a lot of great news here at BankSimple recently, including new partnerships and additional funding.

But it gets better. We’re centralizing all BankSimple operations in Portland, relocating the great people in Brooklyn and San Francisco to our Portland office, which will be 20 employees strong.

And we’re hiring.

We may be a startup, but BankSimple offers competitive salaries, great benefits, and equity. What’s more, everyone here believes they’re helping to build a company that will make a difference in the world. So if you’re interested in joining a group of nice but absolutely dedicated people who geek out over music, math, finance, food, design, coffee, and code, then you should apply to one of the positions below. Today.

Customer Relations Representatives

We’re looking for ten-ish forward-thinking, creative people who want to change the way the world thinks about customer service. The ideal candidate is excited about the thought of establishing relationships with customers and helping them feel in control of their financial lives. They put the social in social media, are down-to-earth, self-motivated, and ready for a challenge. Bonus points for people who have won a karaoke contest.

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Data Scientist

We’re looking for a self-professed statistics nerd who thrives on pinpointing and communicating a business’ core metrics. You’ll be working with our CEO and Director of Research (both R/stats/data/math geeks themselves) and our engineering team to build and maintain analysis tools. Those tools will help us understand how to best help our customers save money and manage their personal finances. Data goes in, good comes out, you make it happen.

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Backend Engineer

If you live and die by GitHub, take pride in well-tested code, and run benchmarks for fun, you want to join our backend team. We’re language agnostic, preferring instead to work with whatever technology is the right one for the job. We’ve got some great greenfield projects to take on and make your own, all while learning from talented and motivated people.

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Ruby Engineer

We use Ruby for all kinds of work: internal systems, operations, integration, and more. If you’re a Ruby craftsperson looking to work on a variety of interesting projects with a small, talented team of backend, frontend, and mobile engineers, this is your gig.

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Director of Business Development

If you know the story of David and Goliath, you’ll get the basic gist of what this position is about. We’re looking for an individual who will identify, manage, and grow business opportunities and partnerships in a profit-driven industry, but will be focused on the ideal of doing the right thing for the customer, no matter what it takes.

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Lead Quality Assurance Engineer

We need a QA engineer to ensure that we’re delivering a product that properly handles our customers’ money every time we push the big red “deploy” button. The ideal candidate is an automation magician who has worked with teams practicing continuous integration and deployment, and is excited about the opportunity to eventually build and manage a QA team.

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iOS Interface Developer

Like making mobile applications look their very best? We need an iOS Developer with top notch interface design skills to work alongside Dustin Barker, our Mobile Lead. If you’re versed in the iOS SDK, Interface Builder, have proven mobile app design skills, and know the HiG inside and out, we’d love to see your portfolio of apps and have a chat.

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Operations Engineer

We’re looking for a third operations engineer to help ensure that all of our services are automated, monitored, logged, backed-up, and load-tested. We practice devops: developers and operations working together to create a secure, reliable, and efficient system that supports our entire business. Experience with AWS and Chef are both major pluses.

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