August 24, 2011
by Joshua Reich

We're Moving!

BankSimple is moving to Portland, Oregon.

Last month, we gathered our New York, San Francisco and Portland teams for a week-long all-hands meeting in Portland. While we’ve been working effectively as a group spread across the country, having everyone together in one place was incredible.

We’re excited to announce that we will be consolidating our teams to one location in Portland’s beautiful Pearl district. The rationale for our move is straightforward. As our company grows, it’s important that we have everyone in the same place. Being centrally located allows us to collaborate more closely and create a strong and consistent culture.

We are reinventing a centuries-old industry that has grown too complex. We are fixing this by coupling great technology with human customer service to craft something completely new. At the core of BankSimple is this vision and for our move we were looking for a city where the people share our optimism and values.

New York and San Francisco share these qualities, but Portland provides the right environment for us to grow our team and solidify our culture. We’re ramping up our hiring in Portland significantly – particularly in customer relations – where there is a deep pool of talent and room to expand. In addition, we have access to a strong technical community and a growing startup culture that we are proud to be a part of. The city offers a great quality of life that has already attracted a number of our engineers to make the move from San Francisco, well before we decided to double down on Portland.

It’s humbling to see our team’s commitment to make BankSimple a reality – moving away from friends and family is not easy. But we are all getting settled in Portland and the excitement is palpable as we transition from building to launching. If you share our vision, we are looking for incredible engineers, customer relations representatives, and business folks to help us reinvent an industry.

Join us and help build something great.

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