March 23, 2011
by Kristin Smaby & Rachel Giuliani

What’s Up with BankSimple Customer Relations B.C. (Before Customers)?

Kristin Smaby & Rachel Giuliani

A question we’re sure keeps you awake at night: what is BankSimple’s Customer Relations Team up to in the days before, you know, customers? For one thing, we’re emailing you, our customers-to-be!

We’ve been soliciting our future customers’ opinions, and opinions you have given us! We’re so impressed with your insights: constructive, thoughtful, and useful - they have been central to informing the direction of BankSimple. Downright inspiring!

Many of you have said you simply want to be treated like a human, not an account number – a sentiment that resonates with our philosophy: respecting the individuality of each customer. Great customer service is more about servicing people – and building long-term relationships – than addressing any single issue. Seems obvious, we know, but how many companies actually act on it?

We’re so inspired by your feedback that we thought we’d do something creative pre-launch: really get to know you! What a concept. So, humor us: forget about banking for a moment and share something (anything!) about yourself that you think will help us serve you better – hobbies, passions, your quintessence – whatever comes to mind.

Please email us at We promise to read every single email. We may not be able to respond to everyone, but we’ll make sure that whatever you share with us becomes a part of your BankSimple profile and history. This is just the beginning!

To start, here’s a bit about us:

Kristin: * Passions: yoga, math, customer service * Quintessence: think-outside-the-box

Rachel: * I love rap, gardening, baking, and cooking. I say “rad” a lot * I’m kind of a fangirl about Queen and Star Trek: The Next Generation * I genuinely love Customer Service, and care deeply about service to other human beings in general

We’ve been working hard to share what BankSimple is all about. So, what are you all about?