March 16, 2016
by Will Maier

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Today, we’re announcing two new features on our mobile apps that make other parts of Simple even better.
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Simple is made up of many small parts that work together to make banking beautiful. We carefully design each detail, from our backend systems to our apps to our emails, to help people feel confident with their money. You’ve already met features like Goals and Safe-to-Spend in big announcements over the years. But we’re also constantly making incremental improvements that we roll out to make our customers’ lives easier. While these aren’t as splashy, small and iterative changes help us combine features and go beyond our original design.

Today, we’re announcing two new features on our mobile apps that make other parts of Simple even better. We designed Instant Help and Travel Notices to help our customers self-serve quickly and easily, while still making our world-class support available with one quick tap.

Instant Help

Instant Help combines our existing in-app support messaging with our extensive support articles. Why? Because we believe your money is yours and you should be able to manage it. With Instant Help, as you write a message to our customer service team, we’ll search for articles that match. If the matching article seems helpful, you can tap over to it and get an answer to your question instantly.

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Amazing customer service has been part of Simple from the very beginning. And because banking can be complicated, we have detailed support articles on everything from traveling abroad to easily transferring money to a friend. Instant Help makes it easier to find these articles without getting in your way when you want to contact Customer Support.

We designed this feature to evolve as we learn more about the questions our customers are asking. This means our Customer Service agents can easily configure Instant Help, adding new articles to the support articles or changing the way our mobile apps find articles to suggest. This makes Instant Help even more helpful, answering questions we hadn’t anticipated when it was first designed.

Travel Notices

One of the most common questions our customers ask is “Can I use my Simple card when I’m traveling abroad?” You can find the answer in our support articles – more often than not, yes! – but depending on your destination, we may need a bit of info from you to help make the journey smooth. So, we’ve added a new feature to help you get everything quickly squared away before you board the plane.

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Our fraud detection systems protect you by rejecting activity that differs from your usual patterns. Now, with a few quick taps, you can submit your travel plans and spending needs and we’ll use this information to tune those patterns and make sure you’re free to swipe while traveling. We can also temporarily increase your spending limit if you know you’ll need to spend a bit more than usual.

You can find Travel Notices under the new Account tab in our iOS app, which we’ve split out in this release to make account and card details easier for you to discover. On Android, you can find Travel Notices on our freshly redesigned Your Account screen. We also taught our in-app support search about all of our features, so you can jump directly to Travel Notices by searching for “travel” on the Support tab.


The latest release of our iOS app includes one more feature that you won’t find by poking around or searching. In fact, you hopefully won’t notice it at all. Today, our iOS app is more stable than ever, thanks in large part to a complete rewrite of our critical networking code. In fact, over the last five updates, we’ve pushed the stability of our iOS app steadily past 99%.

Lots of things happen behind the scenes every time you use the Simple app. Our apps communicate with our backend systems over the internet to load your Activity, to block your card, or to calculate your Goals. Even simple interactions in the app can require complex code under the hood and, while we invest heavily in code quality and QA, sometimes bugs slip through.

We originally built our iOS app on the AFNetworking library. AFNetworking was the best way to make network calls on iOS and it was a great fit for Simple – we even contributed a security feature to this open source project. But the iOS landscape has changed considerably since then and Apple has solved some of the problems that led us to adopt AFNetworking in the first place.

Today, we have a clean and stable codebase that makes it easier to build and ship small features like Instant Help and Travel Notices quickly. While we’ve always been hard at work building and shaping Simple, we haven’t always shared the story behind the updates. This year, we’re going to give you more insight into how we’re making Simple better with new features, big and small.

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