August 11, 2016
by Hannah Jennings-Voykovich

Who Needs Friends? Tips to Refer Anyone to Simple

Fact: If you refer a friend to Simple you get a sweet wallet. But what if you’re short on friends or you’ve already referred everyone in your address book? Here are a few everyday situations where you can introduce someone new to Simple.
SEcond Referral Hero

We partnered with the iconic leathermakers at Tanner Goods to create a reward worthy of your hard-earned money. Just refer someone to Simple and once they sign up, you both get a wallet.

Here are a few creative ways to share the Simple love.

1: Find friendly, furry faces

5-–-Dog-Park TE (1)

Dog owners out there will understand the universal dog park problem—it’s easy to learn and remember the names of every dog in sight… but what are the names of the owners you see every day? If you’re already sharing treats and doo-bags with “Buddy’s Mom” or “Duke’s Dad,” maybe it’s time to break the ice by introducing them to Simple and instant transfers, so you can split the cost of the next round of milk bones.

2: Do the splits

3-–-Split-the-bill TE (1)

We’ve all been there. Sunday morning, huddled around a brunch table, feeling a little worse for wear, and the waiter returns with a single bill, and those dreaded words, “I’m sorry, we can’t do separate checks.” Save yourself the mental arithmetic, and get a few friends to join Simple, so next time, one person can pick up the bill, and the others can “Simple” them their share.

3: Sell it to your single serving friend

8-–-Single-Serving-Friend TE (1)

We meet these people on airplanes, in elevators, and in line for an event. The novel Fight Club calls them “single serving friends”—people you befriend for a quick flash, before moving on to your next destination. If you’re in the market for a new wallet, and want your new friend to get one too, seize the opportunity as you buy the next round of in-flight drinks, or while the elevator grinds to the top of your building.

4: Pluck up the courage

4-–-Barista TE (1)

You’ve made small talk with your favorite barista for weeks, but you’re running out of things to say. Try keeping your cash and paying with your Simple card instead—a flash of white may be all you need to catch their eye. They already know you’ve got a taste for coffee; now’s your chance to share your love of design and progressive banking services. And of course, you’ll need their phone number or email address so you can send them your referral code.

5: Give them something they’ll be thankful for

1-–-Family-Members TE (1)

You’ve done it again—turned up empty-handed to Thanksgiving, or your Godfather’s birthday party. If you get your extended family on Simple, you’ll not only be able get them (and you!) a gift from Simple, you might also be helping them learn about online banking. And hey, once Godfather Graham’s up to speed with his new Simple account, he might just set a Goal for your next birthday present.

6: Blast it on social media

6-–-Social-Media TE (1)

The social media landscape has changed, meaning your friends don’t always see your posts. To reach a wider audience with your Simple referral link, get creative. Send out a tweet every few weeks, or tag a few folks in a Facebook post; you can even create a life event that includes your referral link. Also, if you’ve already got a wallet but want friends to get one too, snap a pic for your Instagram, or make a video of you putting the wallet together. Like so:

7: Help them join the other side

7-–-Bank-Teller TE (1)

Now, here’s a situation we hear about all too often. Our customers go into a bank—for work, or to close their account there—and the teller asks about their Simple card. If you find yourself in this situation, embrace the awkward, and maybe you’ll find them wanting to join you.

8: Lay it all out on the table

2-–-Dinner-Date TE (1)

People in new relationships tend to “send their representative to dinner,” or show the best version of themselves to their new partner. Holding off on talking about money and finances could lead to problems that will need fixing down the road, so why not have “the talk” and learn about each other’s money mindsets early on? Not only will you get to know more about one another, you’ll also have the ability to instantly send each other money for dates and adventures, without the need to take the plunge and join your finances. You’ll have cute matching wallets, too.

9: Get everyone paid up

9-–-Bills TE (1)

If you’re living in a share-house situation, chances are you’ve had to wrangle wads of cash when bill day comes around. Next time, before you bother getting out the piggy bank, get your roommates onto Simple and into the idea of sending bill money via instant transfer.

10: Pay it forward

10-–-Donate TE (1)

While some of the above options may seem a little silly, our final suggestion to get people onto Simple is an opportunity for you to give something back to your community. If Simple helped you get out of debt or buy your first house, find people with the same goals, but little information on how to achieve them. Become a mentor for young people in your community, or partner with a financial literacy non-profit. You’ll have a way to pay your knowledge forward, and while you’re at it, empower the people you speak to with a Simple account… and an awesome wallet.

Ready to refer some friends? Get started now.

Refer a Friend

Please note: the shade of leather you receive may vary due to availability.

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