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How to properly use Simple's logo.

Simple Logo Kit

You can find our RGB and CMYK logo assets in color, white, and dark.

Hello Guilloche

Our logo is rooted in the concept that technology and automation can be used to create beauty and function simultaneously.

Clear Space

The Simple mark should always be surrounded by a minimum amount of empty space. For the standard mark, the minimum clear space is the full height of the Guilloche surrounding the four sides (as shown). Please note that this is a minimum – feel free to add more space.

Color Variations

The different color applications of our logos are best used in specific environments. Whether it's a color background, photography, grayscale, or just good old-fashioned white, we've got you covered.

Minimum Sizing

Follow these guidelines to ensure that our logo remains legible when its small.

Incorrect Logo Usage

Here are a few things to avoid when placing the full version of our logo.


An overview of branding colors used at Simple.

Primary Brand Color

White is at the basis of all we do, punctuated with our bright, cheerful blue. These are the colors that users are most often exposed to while interacting with Simple as a product, be it in our packaging, on the marketing site, or in the app. They should be considered the primary go-to when creating Simple-branded materials.

Tip: Need a hex value? click a swatch to copy it!

Simple Blue
Hex #0d97ff
Pantone Process Blue
CMYK 100  13  1  2 

Secondary Colors

We keep our palette warm with taupes, and add depth with dark blues and grays. These colors are designed to help provide subtle emphasis and dimensionality when coupled with the primary branding colors. Some appear in the app and on the marketing site.

Hex #fcefe6
Pantone 489c - 50%
CMYK 0  5  7  0 
Cosmic Latte
Hex #f7f5ef
Pantone 7527C - 10%
CMYK 2  2  5  0 
Milky Way
Hex #fcfbf9
Pantone 7527c - 5%
CMYK 1  1  1  0 
Deep Blue
Hex #003251
Pantone 295c
CMYK 100  79  42  38 
Hex #333e48
Pantone 432c
CMYK 78  64  52  43 
Hex #7f858b
Pantone 432c - 55%
CMYK 49  38  35  2 
Hex #e9e9ea
Pantone 432c - 10%
CMYK 7  5  5  0 

Tertiary Colors

We utilize our tertiary colors for things like illustration, animation and other graphics.

Selective Yellow
Hex #ffba00
Pantone 116
CMYK 0  19  100  0 
Sunset Orange
Hex #ff673d
Pantone Orange 021
CMYK 0  45  86  0 
Coral Reef
Hex #ff9999
Pantone 177u
CMYK 0  45  30  0 
Han Purple
Hex #706afe
Pantone 2725
CMYK 47  46  0  0 
Night Sky
Hex #005da4
Pantone 286
CMYK 87  59  0  0 
Sea Green
Hex #24d3c1
Pantone 3245
CMYK 46  0  24  0 


An overview of the way we use type at Simple.

Typography Overview

Simple’s house font is Calibre-R Tab. Calibre-R Tab is our workhorse; used throughout our marketing site, web app, mobile apps, and decks. If you don't have Calibre-R Tab installed on your system you can download it below. Once you have it downloaded on your machine, you'll want to unzip and double-click on the files which should trigger your system's built-in font handling application to complete installation.

Please note that the Calibre-R Tab font family is used under trademark and cannot be distributed or used outside the confines of Simple without a license.

Primary Type Styles

Calibre is our workhorse for sites, apps, and decks. It is Efficacious, but with enough personality that it retains an element of Craft. Hand-crafted type is best used as an expression of Curiosity or Craft.


Our canonical icons and how to use them.

Icon Style

Our icon set is simple, flexible, and efficacious. In the near future, we will update our apps to reflect this new icon style. In the meantime, continue to use the icons below.

Simple Logo
ATM Finder
Support Chat
Instant Transfer
External Transfer
Move Money
Directional Arrow

Voice, Tone, and Style

Voice, tone, style, and you.

Tons of people at Simple write things for us, either under their own name, as “the Team at Simple,” or in our brand voice. It’s an important job, and people have always done it with great craft, curiosity, efficacy, and empathy.

Our customers feel like the things we write were written by actual, likable humans. That’s fundamental to our product, customer experience, and brand.

To that end, these guidelines aren’t meant to be rigid rules to govern exactly how to write in any given situation. We just want to offer clear definitions for what voice, tone, and style actually are, and give you some ideas about how to use them to express yourself in ways that delight, inform, and inspire your reader.


For use internally and externally to represent Simple as a product and company.

Cards and Packaging

These photos and images all have high level compliance approval but, if there are concerns about any usage cases always check with our compliance team.

Lifestyle Photography

Handy photos of our product in real life, and some of the places Simple can take you.

iOS Screenshots

Assorted screens from the iOS application.

Android Screenshots

Assorted screenshots from the Android application.