Expenses hero

Expenses are here!

You asked, and we built it. Now, never worry about saving up for bills again!

Make some now

Know you’re covered

No one likes thinking about bills - so don’t! When you turn your recurring bills into Simple Expenses, we’ll automatically save for them, by whenever they’re due. With your bills covered, you'll never have to guess how much money you have left for fun stuff, like heading to the Bahamas. Or ten burritos from that new food truck down the street.

Set it & forget…

Before Expenses, every time you got paid you had to figure out how much to set aside for bills and anything you routinely spend money on. We thought that was a lot of work. Now, just set them up as Expenses one last time (details in the video below), and going forward, we’ll do the boring work of recreating the Expense for you. That way, when you pay your rent bill, your Expense is already saving up for next month’s bill. Yep, it’s our job now.

Stay on Track

We make it easy to track your progress in saving up for current and upcoming bills, so you’ll always know if you’re on track. With this peace of mind, you can focus on how you want to spend the rest of your money, whether it’s heading to a concert, or just picking up groceries. If you ever get off track, we’ll let you know, and you can transfer money over to get back on track with the tap of a finger.

Setting up an Expense is easy

Share expenses? Share Expenses!

When it comes to shared bills, two paychecks are better than one! Open a Simple Shared account and tackle them together. You’ll both have your personal accounts, plus one to share where you can create (and crush) shared Expenses. Now, instead of bugging each other come bill time, you’ll be saving up together.