Built for adventure

Every aspect of a Simple checking account is optimized for branchless, online banking, so you have access to each feature wherever you happen to be, whenever you happen to need them.

Without setting foot in a bank (or a bank stuffed into an ill-fitting mobile app), have constant access to:

  • Visa® Debit Card
  • Photo Check Deposit
  • Direct Deposit
  • External Account Linking
  • Instant transfers to other Simple customers
  • Third-party payment services like Square, Venmo, and Paypal
  • Block your card online if it’s been lost or stolen

Better than a free lollipop

(Okay, maybe not better, but just as good...) You’ll never lose the close, human-centered experience of banking at a local branch thanks to the friendly crew of customer service agents hailing from Simple’s homebase. Talk to a real human every time you call. Seriously! Try it now. They love saying hello.

Icon  direct deposit
Direct deposit? Yes!

Give your paycheck the fast, friendly welcome it deserves.

Icon  connected accounts
Connect your other accounts.

Transfer between Simple and other checking and savings accounts.

Icon  use it anywhere
Use it anywhere that accepts Visa® debit cards.

Your card will be admired and happily recognized nearly everywhere.

Transfer instantly with friends on Simple

It’s faster than passing around a crowd of cards the old fashioned way. Simple also plays nicely with Paypal, Square Cash, and Venmo.

Checks. They’re still a thing.

We know there’s a time and a place for good ‘ole paper checks. And when those moments arise, we’ve got you covered.