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Set up this little Goal to protect all the rest
Sometimes a big expense comes your way that can be really tough to cover. A surprise trip to the vet, a broken fridge, or even losing a job. So, we created an easy way to tuck away small bits of your money over time with the Simple Emergency Fund.

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Simple Emergency Fund

How it Works

Emergency Fund is different from other Goals, because it's set up as a new and Protected Goals account, so you won't accidentally spend it. Now when an unexpected expense tries to throw you for a loop, you can emerge victorious!

  • Easily know how much to save.
    We'll help you figure out what to save by taking a look at how much you make and how fast you want to build up your fund.
  • Automatically contribute.
    As soon as you set it up, we’ll do the work of saving for you a little each day.
  • No temptations.
    Your Emergency Fund is separate from the rest of your money, so you won’t accidentally spend it.
  • There when you need it.
    Your Emergency Fund is always ready to use. Just move the money you need into your Safe-to-Spend.

Use Goals to stash money away in budgets

Easily stay on top of all your life’s expenses.

Or you can save for big things, a little at a time

Set an amount to save and a date to save it by, and let your Goal turn the hard work of saving into easy wins. You can even choose how often you want to move money from your Safe-to-Spend® into the Goal (like every payday).

The happy day a Goal comes true

The money’s right there to bring the thing you’ve been saving for to life.

There’s no need for extra apps to budget and track your money

Goals make saving money easy and accessible, right inside your Simple checking account. There’s no need for extra apps to budget and track your money.

With Goals, your savings are hidden from your Safe-to-Spend, without needing a whole separate savings account. Your money’s right there, growing automatically bit by bit, or waiting and ready to spend on a budgeted expense. Goals can help you set long-term savings goals or manage your monthly budget. They’re flexible and customizable, ready to work with however you handle your finances.

How to set up a Goal

Setting up goals in Simple is as easy as:

  1. Hitting the Add New Goal button
  2. Choose a name (like, “taxes” or “sweet treats for being such a responsible and good saver of money”), the amount you’d like to save, how often you want to fund the Goal, and pick a completion date.
  3. That’s it! If you choose to save over time, money will be incrementally moved from your Safe-to-Spend to the Goal, in whatever frequency you choose.

Learn more about how Goals work as an online savings tool: