Banking with no fees is possible

There are no minimum balance requirements, no maintenance, overdraft or monthly fees associated with your Simple account. Enjoy fee-free transfers and card replacement.

Just read @simple banking's statement about eliminated banking fees...such an awesome company. Like for real...

You shouldn’t pay to use your own money

Banks make hefty profits by charging their customers various fees (and, unsurprisingly, creating confusing situations to inspire their due).

Simple is changing the banking industry for the better: we’re set up to run without needing to profit from unfair, confusing fees.

We won’t charge you fees. Ever. From the bottom of our hearts, we promise.

Because people should win. Three cheers for people!

We mention “fees” 26 times on this page, but you’ll never have to pay one:

Our official list of fees

Minimum Balance$0
Monthly Account Maintenance$0
Overdraft Fee$0
ACH Bank Transfer Fee -- Incoming and Outgoing$0
Account Closing Fee$0
Card Replacement Fee$0
ATM Fees (Domestic) Allpoint ATMs: $0
All other ATMs: No fee from Simple, but there might be a fee assessed by that ATM operator.
ATM Fees (International)
No fee from Simple, but there might be a fee assessed by that ATM operator.

Visa Network Fees

International Debit Card Transaction — Visa charges an International Service Assessment (ISA) in order to cover the costs of converting currency and using foreign ATM and Card Networks. (EFT S/C SVC CHG INTRNTL TRAN) Up to 1% of the transaction value

A 40,000-strong network of totally free ATMs

We want to be clear, though: owners of ATMs out of our network might charge you a fee.

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