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Your Friend wants to share the Simple love

You’re here for a reason — your friend has your banking back!

How Simple Works

Deposit into your account

By direct-depositing your paycheck or transfering from another bank.

Divvy things up

Making sure your Expenses and Goals are covered, automatically.

Spend with confidence

Knowing exactly how much of your total balance is Safe-to-Spend®.

Sign-up swag for you and your friend

Your friend did their part — here’s what you need to do:

  1. Apply for a new Simple Account by August 31 using the Apply button above (This is important — we can’t know you were referred by a friend if you don’t use the link on this page!)
  2. Once you’re approved, add funds to your new Simple Account
  3. Make a purchase with your shiny new Simple Visa® Debit card (within 30 days of opening your account)
  4. Enjoy better banking and budgeting in one awesome app!

Then we’ll put a cool leather wallet in the mail for each of you as a way of saying thanks for sharing the Simple love! You can check out the complete deets (aka, full terms and conditions) below.

Always know what's Safe-to-Spend®.

Make smart spending decisions on the spot. Our budgeting tool does the 'can-I-buy-this?' math for you, setting aside enough money every month to cover your Expenses and Goals.

Make plans for what to do, not what’s due.

Set up your recurring expenses (think power bill, cable, internet) in our app, and we'll do the work of saving for them each month. When you know your bills are covered, you can focus on the fun parts of having money—like saving for a trip to Japan and buying that new bike.

Save toward your goals, automatically.

Goals make it easy to save for the things you want or want to do. There’s no need for spreadsheets or extra apps to budget and track your money. It’s right there inside your Simple checking account, growing bit-by-bit until you’re ready to spend.

Build your savings without even trying.

Turn on Round-up Rules and start saving up effortlessly. Whenever you make a purchase, Simple will round up what you spend to the next whole dollar amount. When the “change” from those transactions reaches or exceeds $5, Simple transfers it to your Protected Goals Account — so easy you won’t even feel it. It’s like a digital change jar... one that adds up to real money in the bank.

Keep track of your money at a glance.

Your transactions tell a story. Add photos and notes to better remember every purchase. And quickly search your account by merchant name, keyword, and hashtags to capture all your important (#freelance) and “important” (#carbparty) purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make sure my friend and I get our wallets?

Use the “Apply for Simple” button on this page (there’s a button at the top and one below, too!) so that we will know you signed up using your friend’s referral link. If you just go to the Simple homepage and apply, we won’t be able to tell that your friend referred you!

What’s the deadline for applying and using my card?

There are two important dates! First, you need to apply using the link on this page by August 31, 2020. Second, you need to make a purchase with your Simple card within 30 days of opening your account. Mark your calendar!

What if I’ve already opened a Shared Account too?

That’s awesome! But to get your swag you need to apply for a new Simple Account by August 31, 2020, and then make a purchase using the debit card for your individual Simple Account within 30 days of opening your new individual account.

What’s this wallet like?

Why, it’s only the coolest Simple swag ever! The clever origami-like design folds into a low-profile vessel for stashing your cash and cards (don’t worry, it’s fun and easy to fold — here’s how). The high-quality leather looks and ages great; some customers have been using their wallets for years!

What if I don’t want leather?

We got you! Just send a Support Message from your new Simple Account—we’ll try our best to send a lovely felt version instead. Please let us know within one week after you swipe your card!

When will my wallet be sent?

Once you make a qualifying purchase using your Simple card (aka, use your card to buy something online or in a store), we’ll send your wallet! It usually takes two weeks or less to get it in the mail.

How long will it take for my wallet to arrive?

Generally, you’ll get your wallet in two or three weeks after you use your card.

Is there anything else I should know?

Glad you asked! Here’s the full nitty-gritty on all the rules:

*Terms and conditions: The referred customer must apply for a new Simple Account by 8/31/20, fund the account, and make a qualifying purchase using their Simple Visa Debit card within 30 days of the new account opening for both parties to receive the wallet. Qualified customers will receive the wallets within 14 business days of eligibility. No minimum deposit is required. Accounts subject to approval. The referred customer must be a new Simple customer who has not previously had an account to receive a wallet. Limit of one wallet per customer. Referred customers who have previously received a wallet may not earn an additional wallet for referring a new Simple customer. Simple employees are ineligible for this referral program. Simple may report the value of the wallet to the IRS as required. Simple reserves the right to modify or cancel this program at any time.

Your friend thinks you’ll love Simple as much as they do — apply today and find out why!