Replace your bank.

Simple visa card

Share Simple is undergoing maintenance

Hang tight! The Share Simple program is undergoing some maintenance. We’re working on a few fixes just as quickly as we can.

This is Simple

Banking brought to brand new life through elegant mobile design, built-in budgeting and saving tools, plus a support team that’s fully and truthfully on your side.

  • Digital Banking

    Get an FDIC-insured checking account and a Simple Visa® Debit Card, both backed by our partner bank, BBVA Compass.
  • 40,000 totally free ATMs

    That’s more than Chase and Bank of America had in 2016 combined!* Find one near you.
  • Instant mobile notifications

    Stay aware and in control of every transaction.
  • Link your other accounts

    Connect almost any of your checking or savings accounts to Simple, often in just a few seconds.

Everything in its place

Optimize every dollar in seconds with built-in budgeting, tracking, and saving tools.

Use Goals as digital budgeting envelopes

Designed with customization in mind, the Goals feature is nimble enough to replace your extra budgeting apps.

Ea purchases

Organize your spending in endless ways

Categorize purchases, spend from your Goals, and attach all kinds of info to each transaction: photos of receipts (or your friends!), documents, and searchable hashtags.

Ea sts

Spend safely, spontaneously

Keep money for impromptu spending in your Safe-to-Spend (your available balance after Goals and bills), or give every dollar a specific job in Goals.

Save automatically, spend thoughtfully

Set a Goal, choose an amount and end-date, then step back and let your account go to work for you. Savings so seamless, it’s easy to forget they’re growing.

Grow Goals and track spending all at once

Your Simple account automatically shifts money into your Goals every day, simultaneously tracking your spending. When you make a deposit, your Safe-to-Spend® goes up; when you spend money or move it into Goals, your Safe-to-Spend® goes down accordingly.

* As of September, 2016. Source: