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Donate for racial justice + we'll donate too!

Working for racial justice calls for action from every one of us—and we can make a bigger difference when we do it together. We’re asking Simple customers to make a donation to the NAACP or Equal Justice Initiative. For each of the first 500 customers to donate, we’ll give a $20 donation.

Make your contribution using your Simple Visa® Debit card by 9/30!

How to up your $$ impact

You don’t have to have a lot in the bank to do a lot of good. Just make a donation of $5 or more—Simple will join you and make its own donation of $20.
Every dollar makes a difference.



Equal Justice Initiative*


Add your voice... 326 donations and counting

Let's get louder

Let others know why you donated and motivate them to join! Write your reason (in under 20 words) in the memo section of your transaction; add #share and we may post it to rally others to the cause! (We won’t share your name or donation amount—just your inspiring words.)

Why Simple customers are taking action...

I donated to EJI because their focus on Criminal Justice Reform is one of the most important issues facing our country. #share

Simple Customer

Donating is one way I can put my money where my mouth is for what I believe in. #share

Simple Customer

I want to contribute to dismantling systemic racism and support organizations that are dedicated to doing that. #share

Simple Customer

Fighting for the long haul

The NAACP and Equal Justice Initiative are committed to far-reaching work to dismantle systemic injustice—and we chose these organizations because we stand behind and align with their values of dedication to long-term, sustained action.

Learn more about the NAACP and make a donation
Learn more about the Equal Justice Initiative and make a donation

We’re focusing on just two organizations for this effort, because we believe it can make all our contributions work harder. But there are lots of different organizations and actions you can consider if you have the means. Here are some resources you could use as a starting point for exploring additional action.

This work can't wait

Be sure to donate by September 30 so we can make our own donation along with you.

Donate to the NAACP

Donate to the Equal Justice Initiative

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I participate?

Just use your Simple Visa® Debit card to make a donation of $5 or more to the NAACP or the Equal Justice Initiative during the campaign and Simple will donate $20 to the same charity.

Who can participate?

Simple customers who have an active Simple Visa® Debit card are eligible to participate. While we encourage everyone, regardless of whether they’re a Simple customer or not, to donate to fight racial injustice, we’re only able to add $20 to eligible donations made by Simple customers.

Do I have to add #share and a reason to the memo line of my transaction? If I do, what will Simple do with that info?

It’s not required—we’ll donate $20 when you donate whether or not you add the hashtag to your transaction. But we encourage you to include your reason for donating so we can inspire more Simple customers to participate! When you add #share to the memo section of your transaction, we may post your message on our webpage or social media channels, but we won’t share your name, location, donation amount, or any other info. Messages may be edited slightly for length and clarity.

Why do I have to donate to the charities Simple chose? What if I don’t like/agree with these charities?

We chose the NAACP and Equal Justice initiative because their missions are aligned to our company values and those of our employees. While we’re only adding $20 for Simple customer donations to those organizations, we encourage you to contribute to any charity whose work is meaningful to you.

When will Simple make the added $20 donation to the charity I donated to?

Simple will make our donation to the two eligible charities after September 30, once all customer donations have been tallied.

I have a Shared Account—can I use it to donate? Can I donate from my individual account too?

You can donate from either your individual Simple Account or your Shared Account. We’ll donate $20 for each individual customer who makes a donation with their Simple Debit Card, regardless of which account you use.

Can I donate by sending a check or using my account and routing numbers?

We encourage you to donate to charities in any way you’d like, but only donations made using a Simple Visa® Debit card qualify for the $20 Simple donation. Your Simple Visa® Debit card is the best way for us to know when a donation was made.

How will I know if Simple added $20 for my donation?

Simple is donating $20 for eligible customer donations of $5 or more, up to 500 customer donations. Unfortunately, we don’t have a way to let you know if your donation was one of the first 500. But know that your contribution makes a difference in fighting injustice no matter what!

After I donated, I got an email about making an Expense. Do I have to do that for my donation to count?

No, it’s not required! We’re encouraging customers to set up charitable giving Expenses if it works for their budgets. But you’re not required to create an Expense as part of this campaign—it’s just a suggestion for making your impact ongoing if you have the means.

How to participate:

Use your Simple Visa® Debit card to make a donation of $5 or more to one of the eligible charitable organizations between Tuesday 9/15/20 and Wednesday 9/30/20, and Simple will donate $20 to the same charity!

Share with others why you donated:

Using your mobile app or online banking, select the donation transaction and in the memo section tell us why you donated. Use #share and we may share your reason anonymously to inspire others. Please keep your reason under 20 words so we can make sure it fits on social media!

What to know:

  • Simple customers must use their active Simple Visa® Debit card to donate $5 or more to one of Simple’s eligible charitable organizations by September 30, 2020. Simple will donate $20 for every eligible customer donation, up to a maximum of 500 customer donations. Only one $20 donation per customer.
  • Sorry, check and ACH donations are ineligible. Only Simple Visa® Debit card transactions are eligible for a donation.
  • By including #share with your reason for donating in the memo of your transaction you are giving Simple permission to share anonymously.
  • Offer may be modified or withdrawn without notice.

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